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Profile for truckersluv

Oh' truckieluv.... still poetical in all her words ic..

just wanted to say hi.. so HI=D lol

have a nice day.. c u around < 3 hugs**
WEEEEEEEEEEEE. To 1 of my best buddies. Also to someone i like to pick on lmaooooo. glad i got a chance to be your friend.
Hey wise words coming from you ha!:P.. where u been hiding woman!!!:O not tht i mind but still :0).. i kinda like ya btw:p
i know someone who would adore ur profile being full of clovers sista :p btw we did not have power :o :o
hey wats up?i am glad i met you!
hi sexy love yur xxxxxxxxxxx
Smooooooooooooooch luv ya sistah
rofl i totally agree.. especially in your case:P:p
make that silence thingy a huge poster sis ;)
hey tucker , nice of u 2 meet me , i knew u would wanna write me a comment 2 ,so this is just a reminder.....take care hun ....1uk
what does it say after other days? :-s
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee new doggieeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and if i can see well it has white feet too weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Just had to drop u some love from me and Diamond.......hehe Love ya girlxxxxxxxxxxxxx
so funny hunni i want those pics
I totally agree.. you should have put this warning before putting ur pic:S:S :p but I luv ya anyways truckersbrat :0) xxxxx
correction i want the sarcasm one too lmao
i want the final pic with the buddy list :0)
weee me quote is there well not mine but still lol weeee
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the kids weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

but where is my quote again :o pffft
Thanks hun for adding me. You are a true sweetheart in every sense of the word! It is always great chatting with you and you always put a smile on my face. ;) Who knows maybe someday we will run into each on the other side of this BIG mountain. Take care and god bless.

awww your girls are cute lik ethere mama lol weeeeeeeeeeeee
love ya
crazy truckersluv ..... glad you back ...missed you ..... moodygranny
Hiii truckers,
You are such a funny and warm person. Good to have you as as friend here.


Just to make you happy LOL Luv Ya Cuz
OK OK i signed your guestbook hun :) now what lol!!
Hope you enjoyed your vacation. lmaaaaaaaaao Glad your back. Now behave yourself. you know ya missed me lol
hi huny you no i love you more lol but dont tellguiness lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
wb wb wb !!
wb wb wb !!
OMG! I missed you much! IT's GREAT to have you back on OB hon!!! Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xxx
Hey ya my lovely

just thougth i would stop by n say
Helloooooooooooooooooo huni buni

Luv Ya
can you make me some tshirts of those quotes..sizy umm.. bug size lol
humous humous hmmm interesting will ya put my quote in there!!!!!!
well well truckers my love what to say ..besides one day u will be mine and i wont need u to call me everynight ..cuz ull be in that bed next to me to spoon witth .. intill thta time i have u here to have fun with and joke around with ur so much fun i have so much un with you i just wounder where u been all my life ....lots of love to you and awhole hell of a lot of kisses u desearve them theres noone else out there like you .. love ya lots misss u buches ... huggggggs and kissssssses ... later my love
well former Queen this is the new QUEEN hoiw ya be lol had a blast hope to beat ya again soon i i i mean play
awwwww..i love u so much.... we go way back...hehehe i love ya babes.......xxxxxSunshine
well well well what we got here hmmm its my sistas pic hm hm hm :PPppppppppppppp
love the pics :P take care love ya :P
Pmsl those pics are adorable :D
can i borrow ur am getting easliy annoyed picture plz especially wehn ppl talk bout....;) My sista hugssssssss
to one hot azz woman i met on ob u ROCK my world i love playen with ya i hope we can forever wink wink i will try my heart out to be good but its hard as hell love ya lot babe later on !!!!
iggy Mars sis let it be there for ever :d:d:d oh and btw nice pics so who flirts? hehehe
could u plz try and win like 3 more trnys so my name will disappear.. its embaressing pffffffffft :P:P xxxxxxxxx
omg omg omg that not a dog lmao she is a reall cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!! hmm Jordan Ricky and Sunny hehee kidsssssssssss hiiiiiiiiiiii love yaa :d
omg sis what is waxman saying in here???? what have i lost huh huh huh??????
thx for cleaning up the coffee was nice of u... u did a ver nice job :)...lolol oh and thx for the rough ride:P that was nice too...

andddd erm some BK before u go to work would be ok with me :p and where have u gone? u dissapered again o.O
Hey Luv ~ Happy New Year To You And Your Family !!! Still Think They Should Make You And Icey Vips !!! Thanks For All The Laughs !!! Hugz ~~HeavenlyDreamz~~
Cheers sis Happy new year :d:d:d gosh its 2008 :s u msut feel old pmsl (<3) love you
Hiya Sweetie!! You are so NUTS but FuN person! hehehe!! Merry Christmas Hope you had a great xmas! ALSO Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! ---'--,--@ ---,--'--@ Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I am glad to meeting you and be my good friends!! :D

Maria (aka XXDolphM1XX)
Hey you Nuttttttttttttt! Happy Birthday hun wht are 50??????lmao! Thank you for being a good friend...I just think ya need to be slapped with da TROUT!!! LMAO
i need that problems nest office picture hehe gona make it a huuuuuuuuuuge poster lmao (<3)

oh i forgot (naw) Happy bday :d:d:D
hiya xx
merry xmas and a happy new year hun xx
xx xxstaceyxx xx
i want those x-mas presents too :o :o :o
HO HO HO and a bottle of love n kisses cummin your way..thanks for being a great friend truxxxxy darlin, wishing you and your family a very merry xmas and a very very safe new year...xoxoxox Lyn
Where are you sistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
hey hun you rule
Wanna wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.... hugs Noreen :)
Merry Christmas xxxx
hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and the best new year ever
hmm that chimp looks familiar hmmmm The snowchild is groovyyyyyyyyyyyyy
hiya hunni.. how ya doin I sorry I not seen ya for awhile, I have had a huge OB rest. better now though.Good to see you are still here you know that I have a lot of time for you and wuv ya very much.Hugssss Lynny
heyy cowbag ! well i no we havent always got on but i do love u to pecies and ur a great woman
:kick truckers !!!
see how much i love you :D
speak to u soon
love u lots
my friend lerue says hi
No hunni, WE thank you for being our sistah!

Take care

Love ya, Mr. C
Hey hun trucks can be replaced but not lives thank goodness you and ur family still have yours. Give Jeff a big hug and kiss from me. I would be lost without you here. You are the one person that I chat with. so yeah stick around please.

Love Tigg
aww hun. so sorry about your truck. I know that haves to be hard to lose something you love.
beautyfull pictures and some with a sence of humor, love you take care jorgen ( denmark )
Very pretty pic truckers! That flooding is horrible though - so glad you are ok! Dela
oh my gosh sista thats too much water o.o
Was wondering how the flooding was going? Now I see from the pictures. Hope everything is still good at the home front. Keep me posting. I'll be thinking about you!

Take Care,
The girls are getting so big and they are so precious... and hahahaha this is second time I have signed ur guest book :)
Hey Jenn Nice profile weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee miss ya bunches you are a true friend and i thank you for being there for me at hard times ty let pray all will work out for the best and one thing you need to know is i luv you for being yourself and being my friend Luv Ya Allways Rick
sista sista someone was pretending to look at you hmmmmm
w8 u mean you in person or tha duck with the weird looking glasses :o:o
Well what can I say. Your sure are lucky to get my autograph on here LMAO. To a good friend your the coolest. Just have 1 thing to say POOF lmaoooooooooooooooooo see ya

Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving...Hope your day is filled with great memories
now i see the pic pmsl its jsut needed to be a bit bigger for poor 4 eyes me :p:p
like i said WTG Sunny :0)
you are a big brat and that is why i love you so. Dont let your husband know that he might think we are in a relationship lol. Love you hun keep being you ok
online bandit wouldnt be the same without you my friend your the life of the party :)
hey hunni the photos look great have fun hunni enjoy :)
yes plz don't be a hater be a lover.. don't be truckers be mars :p
we dont always see eye to eye....LOL Good luck to you and yours. xx
Hey Im here saying hi and your family looks great :) Hope to play you in ...something..lol
Hey Trux finally found your GB... Firstly, I luvvvvvvvv your daughter's curly long hair!! Secondly, been gr8 meetining you @ OB online, you are such a fun loving and caring person and thirdly, @ times you almost made me pmsl in the lobby!! Kiss kiss and hugs...
Love xx
Nice profile. :) View from the back isnt so bad either.
Nice look family Trucker. They look so sweet
hey hey thanks for all the fun and smiles and giggles you had to the lobby...its not the same when you arent here...
Your a hoot in the lobby and make us laugh ty for that
oh I forgot to say that.. u don't look sweet or innocent.. who lied to u duh!!!!
will you stop hitting me in racing woman!!!!! pffffffffft
hey while i was waiting patiently lol i signed ya guestbook...
There I signed ur guest book ya happy now? :-)
your a sweet lady
hey there hun :) just thot id drob by again and sign this hehe
omg omg sista u do not have me as ur freind :o :o guess family is better :0) (<3) love you enjoy ur profile :d:d
Hey Truckers....what a funny gal u r....friends to many ty 4 being so kind to me...ur girls r beautiful....love the beautiful red hair...God Bless !
hi... thns for being a good frind ;) you know who

love and hugsss
I'd hit it anytime day or night haha there happy =D
mwaaaaaaaaah Truckersbrat.. luv ya crazy lady xxxxx
I think were both addicted, your on as much as me lmaoooo
what i can say.. you are a very Funny woman.. a little riot.. a little turd.. but i like you because you allways make all be happy in ob.. sure when you are here.. the lobby run fast!
Congrats again for your kids.. they look nice.. and happy!
you are so energetic n funny luv you
Truckers you are the best!!!!! Funny as heck~ Luv ya long time!
hi nice pictures greetings zazouke ;-)
Hey truckers - I really enjoy you - you are too funny!! Love ya - DELA
OK OK OK I can honestly say I have met someone who is a bigger flirt than me!!!!! Love ya gurl! David James
hey my best bud in ob. u r the most sweetest person i know. love u hunni bunny.
Hey Lady you're the best here and don't ever let anyone tell you different. You know what I mean. Love ya BEST OB BUD
sista remeber i am not mad when things go wrong ;0 you know what i mean (<3) i lvoe you
Hi Trucker!!!!! You are a very nice person and alot of fun in the lobby! Stay as you are! Be " Good " your Friend Always
Better add a comment here..

And I just did....
there ya go as requested lmao ... good job hun keep up the laughs lol
I like to read your postings, I know how to make people smile. Take care and keep doing what you do best. ;-)
hi ya truckers wanted to stop and sing your guess book babe go fast turn left :) you are a great friend and allways will be ty for being my friend Kisses
hiya hun just wanted to say im glad we became friends ur awesome love ur pics soooo cute ur one crazy person u always make me laugh when im down glad i got the chance to know u hun keep on makeing everyone laugh n smile cause thats what u do best lmao love ya hun
hey ! chinese takeaways? .. yea id like umm.. quater pounder,, anddd 5 kgs of a litre of chocolate milk please.... ty *click*
girl u so crazy im glad i found this site u make me cheer up when im blue lol
hey hun nice profile & pics...thanks for being such a good friend to me *hugs* take care, love ya
Truckers......great gal...has the best temperment....a lil sassy and a lil sweet...:)
Love seeing you in OB!
from one washinstonian to another huggies an no not the diapers lmfao. your rotten to the core and i love it! don't change lol
slaps you around with a trout lol huggies no not the diapers you nutty washinstonian lmfao woot woot evergreen state rocks the socks off
hey, always great to see u on here certainly when i need a good laugh,lol. You r a good friend and hope to always keep u as 1.

luv ya
Biker was here........hya truckers:P
:o :o sista who u trying to forget :o :o :o
oh i know the person who created work yes? pmsl :p
Here a greeting for the flirtiest woman i know..... Yes you Truckerslub....
hey tuck long time no write...lol <3.
hi gffffffffff
kewl profile
see u on line
well i better say something before you kick my. HI YA TRUCKERSLUV.
Whadddup Girlfriend ?!!!!! Way to Go On Turny hehe!!!!! Missed ya Lately Hope all iz Well. Take Care =))
ok here is a comment that u wanted HIIIIIIIIIIIIII,LOL
so scary!!!!
wow nice halloween pic. ty fpr being such a good friend on the OB and for helping me in my english
Jorgen Christensen

hey hun love ya keep being a good friend
woot woot sista those kids are very spooky pmsl :d:d:d very nice costumes wtg!!!
well maybe i'm one of the few lucky one you are wonderful truckers i don't care what the rest say lmao
well truckers u a crazy woman but i lubs ya
forced into a comment geesh woman ur sooo bossy lol but ermmm does it have to be nice lol ermmm no hun ur a great person to know and always up for a laugh not just at others but urself as well which is the best way lubs u loads ruckersss keep smilin hun xxxx geesh glad that's over with lol
If today is tomorrow and tomorrow was yesterday...when is today??....
Psssssssssst u got a GB!!! And even better u got an entry form ME!! hehe

Luv ya sis, hugsss
You are the coolest person in OB... never leave... Luv you Cuz :)
Hey ruckerssss Congrads to ya hun!! your a awesome person with a great since of humor!!And a good friend! ready for a trout fight? lmao luv spookymeee
hey sista i want u to know that i luv ya and i am there if u need me :)))

Thanks for all the good laughs sista u are the best !

Your Friend,
hey rahhhhhhhhh well what can i say hey well she very nice person n a good friend to me NO matter what any 1 eles says n i love u casue u are a true friend to me love u truckers mwahhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugsssssssssssss love scotty
oi where did my comment go :'(

pmsl sista sista put a pick of you in so ppl can see :d:d:d
when life get too serious i can count on you for a laugh! :) ty
LOVES TRUCKER , you are an awesome person hun, I am so glad I know you. You always make a sad day a happy day with your kindness. and BTW where the heck is your picture?? Thanks for sharing the kids pictures with us.
well i guess ur ok lol -just kiddin luv ya you nut
i always have fun listening to you raggin on other people .you are a fun person. love ya , jd.
Hi Truckers, want to say you are a very nice person and funny. Never change
Great looking kids hun..now where's your picture! :)
You want me to sign this? hmmmmmmm Congrats hon! WTG!! ~Tyme~
what can i say bout my sista hmmmmm
i lvoe you very much even when u get mad at me pmsl :p

i hope one day not too far away we meet in person until then llike the song says..."dream on sister put a smile on your face.... ;)
wellll i guess ill sign it...hahaha

there once was a girl named truckers....

who always kicks me but i wwwuubbbb ya anyways
yer bossy today..naw naw..big mouth only...proof it!!
TRUCKERZ!!! :P congrates on recievin profile features :D:D
Love you sooo much hunny youre one of my bestest friends here ;)
miss the old days you me n mod playin ludo xD
love you sooo much hun!
well hun you know i luv u bunches. and couldnt have a better friend .
ty nanavic

You know who am i hehehe (<3)
Truckersbrat :O :O u got a GB :O pffffffft.. now I have to write something nice:S but I can't but I have to.... Ok (OH GOD PLZ FORGIVE ME FOR THIS LIE BUT) I HAVE TO :s Truckersbrat is a very very nice and non mean person and I love her so much and ummm lots of other nice things too:D... Enjyou ur GB while u have it :P:p xxxxxxxxx

P.S mm I got booted in that trny u think u beat me in x) :P:P:P so that everyone will know.. U know i got a reputation don't want u to ruin it :D