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The day my husband was taking away from me.(Nov 1 2010) Today marks five long years. Oh hon I missed you so much. There no to many days I still don't think about you these beautiful blue eyes you have. that sheerly grain when you smile. I know in my heart you wanted to go. But I couldn't sign these paper to have you disconnected. How can a hospital do that behind my back. How can a hospital saying there to help someone then do this. I'll never understand and never will. My life will never moved on caused of all this. I so shattered. They way I look at things in life. They took my love. I spent so many years with you. 32 years was long time You was my only true love and now I have none. My heart will never be the same. I know I should move on but I just can't do that know what happen. Why did they do this why. I want to know why. Here is a picture of my god son. He love his lemons
My new grandson. Zylen Lee. Born 6/13/13 at 13:13pm He was 8 lbs 15oz 22.5 inches long. He a big boy. But I love him so much. People say to belive which I have. Now that is taken away from me once again. R.I.P to my big brother Joe. You went to fast and to young. You still had tons to live for. But you're now with you twin once again. Joe 1956 to March 13th 2014. His twin was Martch 13th of 2000, Now I have no older brothes. LIfe is ripping me apart slowing, My sweet tiny granddaughter have a very rear sydrome it called Galactosialidosis. There is 3 stages of it. We're all hoping it the last stage of it caused she will live longer. If she have stage one she will die before she is a year old. There is only 100 cases of this sydrome thur out the world. no meds cant help as far we know. Plus my son Keith will be getting marrid this summer. I hope some can help. even 5 dollars helps a lot. here is the link. if you wish to help. https://www.gofundme.com/d2x3a4b8. Pllease pray for me family we lost my 15 month old grand-daughter on Dec 27th
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