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Username:icenz, 32 years
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I play mostly:Puzzle - played 2382 times
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Feb2020 - Popped back in after ~11 years away... Amazing to still see familiar faces, much love to you all - Ice.
Indeed. its been a long time.
Wow blast from the past. good to see u alive and kicking
smoke me in a puzzle game you say dude you couldn't smoke me at puzzle if i was to provide petrol and matches sit down before you hurt ya self!! ;) plz micenz
Happy Birthday ICEY~ Wishing you love and happiness!! Hope you have many more.
:o u aint dead zomgwtfdairyqueenbbq -_- stay elite
I see you take very good care of ur teeth miceNZ.... thats a good boy.. hows u and helping old ladies cross the street.. any luck :D
omg..plz tell me that not our mamaNZ..lmao..icey where are ya bud..come back to us soon.xxxxx
Well didnt I tell you that you had to brush your teeth 3x day but did u listen, NOOOOO.
Welcome back my boy - hope you stay around a bit more now that Mama has paid your fee (again).
Good luck always and love you to bits!!!!!!!

Hey you! Happy New Year luv. Thanks for keeping me smiling.

xx fran xx
i knew it u feel off the snowboard thats why u are not aorund uhu! now it all makes sense :d
:O Where are u hiding :O I wonder if something badong is going on:O..... come out come out where ever u are:O...and oh btw i made them nominate u for funniest this year too :D I had to beg to make them do it pfffft.. so much i done for u already :P:P ... Be good xxxxxxxxxx:P
hey there hunnie glad we could be friends ur one awesome young man even tho ur 16.....ur such a sweetheart.....begood...kathy
Ice Ice Baby ~ Dropping By To Wish You And Your Family A Happy New Year !!! Don't Forget To Make Atleast One New Years Resolution this year.Thanks For All The Laughs !!! Stay Cool ~~HeavenlyDreamz~~
dang it ice .i got lost somewhere way down there..had to get my name back at top..stay the way u are now.muahs amanda
you are totally
just plain
rad :]
hi ice....your mental love me
hey ice ur one crazy kid lmao u always make me laugh its fun picking on u lol anyway stay sweet love ya lisa
Hey Baby Ice! Nice pics.. PLAY ME IN A GAME OF LUDO ALREADY!!!!!! LOL Love yas! Nice lookin doggie by the way.. I had a german shepard once and that was one of the best dogs ever! He works for the police department now!
Well gotta jet!
kiwikath woz ere '07
ok wheres my money ;0)
OH miceNZ miceNZ... what shall i say, so much wisedom coming from u... Its hard for me to even say anything cuz u r sooo wise and I can't keep up :P:P but it doesn't mean u r not crazy cuz u are :D tc and be good and remember don't ever do anything badong or else x) :0) xxxxxxx
If today is tomorrow,And tomorrow was yesterday.When is today?..=]
Me More xoxo
you are the bestes ice and very nice dont ever change love ya from the bug
haha u put the black and white pic hmm hmm guitar is nicer than you however :p :p :p
uhu so you found so many ways just to skip school in your case hmmmmm it would be simpler to go lol:p
I wuv you ice ice baby
cute picture
haha ur gunna hate me now
but anyway....
xxx lv ya childd
uu roxx ma soxx dearr haha x
hey icey wuts up u need to get on so we can tlk! love ya bye
phrtttt :P:P xxx
and when your leading the horse to water giving him salt you might throw sand in his face and mix it with the salt he may drink more! pmsl!! love ya ice--hot picture of ya love it!!!
hmmm icey the king with no quotes well thats weird o.o

hehehehe nice to get to know u icey and plz stop kicking my behinds at puzzle lmao

:p h.p.b.
awww icey love you ta bits,
throws a bomb see :P
go icey go icey haha
da foxxxxxxxxxxxx
Heyy Iceeeyypoo!!
I hope yoy realise Im hooked on ocean avenue!!
ice remember 5 yrs!! haha i hope your still playing that ax. long live king ice!! love ya lots!
Mmmmmm choc donuts :) These socks smell good!
you are a darling icey (k)
ice u r my favorite sista and i love ya!! ghosts are real--pmsl! keep my bf pic on here i love it. he has nice teeth like you! :)
Your a tigerrrrrrrr grrrrrrr go ice go huni your special !! welcome to on linebandit with us oldieHAAAAA lov Vickie
Me More xoxoxoxooxox :)
These are very wise words micenz... I wonder where u got it from mmmmmm!!!!!
HEHEHE ur my bestest OB friend like ur profile
hi ice ---ty 4 being there ---d ever melt--bc tc hf & sd every night----princess lacey --- have a great life 2---try not 2 4get me
Oh miceNZZZ!!!!! u just keep on giving promises but nothing happens :O !!!!!!
I will never do anything u ask again :O.
But i can't say no to my favorite crazy person ever in here :S I love you not :P:P:P
iceeee my king of everything!! im so glad you have my bf"s picture on your profile!! that thing makes me laugh everytimg i see it. i love ya to death if i had a son i would hope he would be just like ya. anyway im glad your my bud you rock, keep jamming on that axe, and remember the stork cant beat the grasshoppa! love ya your brudda dena.
Ice....Bandit of 2007...Wish you much success in live..Keep up the great attitude and sense of humor...smiles..Jamie
ok I'm signing I need something amazing to happen lol
Hey iceyyy !!!
Ok ive signed it .... now wot lol
not really but he's got my hand behind my back husts so i'll sign ok ok let go now i done it
lmaoooooooooooo foxyyyy
The mans name is micenz :D:D. i am glad its the right answer though i have no idea what ur talking about:S..
AUSSIE RULES and u know it ice
Well... I think this is the first time u ever say something that makes sense!!!!!
Anyways. I don't think its gonna last long :P:P . U remind me of my cousin btw and am not so fond of him:P:P nah he is okay:P:P right King cya:P:P
Lub you long timeeeeeeeee =)
ice ill be glad when you get home. ill have to get computer w free internet service for life. i missed ya!! my brudda!! be glad when ya come back. should be pretty soon--any way owk! and keep on rockin--and be sure to put my pic with your name on my face on your profile lmao
later dena
rock on king ice!! battle that axe and give me all free back stage passes owk!!!!!! love ya ur grasshoppa sista
da cutie!!!! shame he's so young for me :P sweet guy... very very sweet! icenzzzz leave fearless alone.. he;s mine aaaghh :P xx
Queen of sheba!!!!!! Long may she reign!
Im bowing Im bowing on my bended knees.... to the....
well.. Helloooo :P
Hey icey Yesssssssss now stop arguing with me :P
Hey bro happy 2007 to you and your family all the best.....Jack
hiya..i lyk ur pic of the dog is he/she yours?
hiya miceNZ :P:P:P
u r absolutely crazy :P:P:P
iceeeeeee hope santa was good to ya---hey and happy new years my supreme grandmaster!! and remember your my sista!! love ya always like my son/brother/cousins/uncle's friends twin brother's nephew!! lol peace out cool cat xoxoxoxoxoxo
The secret message is I'm not gay! What do I win... Cake?
Merry Christmas my darling son, I sure do wish you all the best in the New Year to come.....God Bless you aways my darling, this place would not be the same with you as nana said...Hope you get what you wanted from Santa Love always your Mama Charmed
Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart... filled it, too, with melody that would last forever.
Merry Christmas King Ice of turd island have a great one xoxo :)
what you having off santa ice mmm
i wonder
i know what it is
not telling you
ya mum will shoot me lmaooooooo
hiya m8 you asked me sign third time wish ya never now hey ha ha ha
love ya loads
daaaaaa foxy woman thing
over n out dash dash dot haha!!!
merry christmas :-)
have a wonderful christmas my special friend
your always so funny
love ya laods
my mate marmite
foxyyyyyy woxyyyyyy xx haha
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Lmao that'l do think you get the picture love you george michael!!!
Ice Icey baby..ur soo funny n cool stay that way :P and merry easter to u too u silllyyy boy :)
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Well hello icenz.
I think your the coolest person ever. And I love you.
Hahaha....!! =]
Love you sister.
i will give u a hair cut with my strimer m8 no worrys but shhh if they see ur hair cut they might all want 1 ;)lol
Hey There Ice...Well Hun Just Wanted To Say Hi...And Ya One Of My Fav. People On Here. So Stay Cool My Friend See Ya Out There!!!!
hey ice
warned you about guiness hence name she always in the gutter .
jolly well he is a miserable trout innit
jolly green giant more like mm
and paul eww that pink tutu string vest and hankie on his head what i sight.
good job you got me and ozet hey sanity hahaha !!!!!
hi ice, seeing as this will be read by everyone i'd best not put down about foxys body odour problem, how guiness suffers from tourettes syndrome and paulonline is pauline at weekends and wears very high heels and short skirts. it would be wrong of me to put that down so i'll just wish you good luck in your games mate.
Ice Ice Baby its nice :) love you dude
hiya iceNz just like to say ur a great laugh and fun to have on ob. and guess wat?? lmao only jokin :P
take care m8
luv janet x
ice is king and haka that 1 hahah
love ya icey
hey Elton how u doing hun ? xxx lol!!!!
hey son your such a great guy..
hey their xx

your a right laugh ,,, see ya about sweetie xx

luv kel xx
Hey iceeeeee, guess wha? ;-) Nice pics on profile n congrats on your award =) Thx for always making us laugh =) Take care!
Im very happy for your junior award..our site is a familiar one, so i see grow up you here..
Our Junior bandit...

Hug You!

hi ya ice what a nice kid u r keep up the good talk and u will go along way in life ur a sweety tc hun best wishes in what u do your friend nana
hey Icenz love your pics. Wtg on the profile.
hi hun nice pic hun and wtg on getting the profile hun what a good boy you are hun lol

luv tanya
hi ya iceee hun u did a very good job on ur profile hun! i think ur pics r cool!
hehe ill sign your guestbook how are you?
Hi bro/m8 great too have ya on here......lobby always laughing when u on (p).....hmmmm
WOW hun I'm so proud of you WTG how can they not give you this honor hun you surely are the most very respecful young man and best friend that I could have ever meet. I'm so very honored to have met you sweetie I wish you all the best luck in all your games to come... and wish you all the best in all that is coming in your future..I love ya my prince beeee goooood, May God Bless you always my darling Love, Charmed
ice umm hope u do great in your games ur ok i guess lol no gl hun cassandra
gl in all ur games ice and stop cheating to when u play me k j/k na all the best mate in ur games ur true friend jay ps i need paying now :)



hi gl in all the tourneys and games u play take care xx
Your a nutcase! Lmfao !!!!
I'l sign yours if you sign mine :P xx
good luck for what ever the future brings you ice m8 and t/c
Ice, you have been a great friend. Good luck with everything that you choose to do.
Icey keep up the good work...ur sucking up job.. n get me boo foxy n ozzette this feature :P
ok icey block have signed ure guest book lmao xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hey iceman
ice is king ok lmao
best m8 on ob !!!!!
love foxyyyyyyy