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Username:lamper, 36 years
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hi (3) to all my friends on here if your not 1 of them then oohwell name is jay love playing action games gl in ur games
Happy Birthday Lamperrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P xx
Merry Christmas to you and your family from mine and a Happy New Year!! You have been such a dear friend and I couldn't ask for better friends! God Bless xoxo Erica H
Haven't posted on here in awhile so thought i would bug ya hun hehehe...you're not on so gotta find something to occupy my time lol
Hey! It was fun to play you in such a long time sir! Congrats on your wins in Puzzle and Racing World cup :D looking up to play more games with you:D
Happy Birthday to you...Hppy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear Jay Jay...Happy Birthday to you
Yes i'm stalking your page again but i have a good reason this time...I'm bored lol :)~
hehehe I'm stalking your profile lol
wtggggg you did great ;)... gl next year!! :0)..see.. iam nice.. not so called meanie or whinner as some claim : :P:P
Heya mate long time no see!

Take care you and fam!
hey hun wanted to say hi its been a long time since we chatted how r u n the family doing hun good i hope just wanted to say ty for being such a great great friend love ya
where u hiding :O
where are u ;o
i wanna stalk u :/
awwww cute doggies:D
Very nice profile like the pics of the dogs. Just don't do too many wheelies with that bike lol
u is a cheater lol love ya Sunshine
just had to sign and drop some love.......... hehe Gotta
Hi Lamperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you will have a smashing 26th B-day!! See you around.

hi m8 miss yur ... miss fishing shooting and kicking yer but lol o yer man u are the best lol see you bro ......
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii m8 :;D
lt me tris u up and down.... til u say stop :o
*sings out loud*
take care xoxo

hey numpty like the bike n gear
but u need red sets ya eyes off lmao kidding ya hehe
hurry up n come home for xmas okie
miss ya jay miss kim more lol
bye bye
xxxx mwah
pfffffffffffft back at ya btw... and mmm lets see....I let u win at puzzle.. just incase u didn't know that :p and incase no one knew but ... I can beat u anytime I want . just don't want u to feel bad thats all :P:P... hehe have fun and tc :P
hi love ur gamezzzzzzzzz
hiya son
long gone are the days of summer hols and 20 pairs of shoes hey lmaoooo
stop cheating at puzzle
gis a kiss muuahhh
ya foxy mama xxxxx
hey Master just stopped by to say aloha m8!

hiiiiiiii lamper:))

i wish you a nice day:))

hey Jay, ur an alsome pro at puzzle. I might beat u ONE day
Thanks M8
My fav lampshade of all time =D
hi mate you got awsome pro pal!
Hey i wanna thank you for learning me puzzle... My first Tourney Won today and the 70% of it is yours :P !

All the best to you and family mate for 2007 :D

XxXxX Sh@dow
nice Christmas pics =) thanks for the laughs :)
I hope I will hear a motow mower your way some time soon...
hey lamper nice meeting u and gl to whatever comes to u in the future Cassandra
hi pal gl in puzzle not that u need it and thanx for helping me along my td tracks take care
hey man!! sorry i got confused with...larmpar,, italian friend of mine haha heres ya comment! better give me one