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Username:grneyedangel, 40 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Backgammon - played 3633 times
My homepage:https://www.facebook.com/angeldawnthompson

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I've met a lot of wonderful people here. I (44) this site and meeting everyone here! There's a lot of awesome friends here that I'm very glad I've met. (102) 
Feel free to say hi or ask for a game anytime I'm around.  I love all the games! Take care & have fun in your games! (31)

Feel free to add me to Facebook. The link is under my homepage  (3)
What a gorgeous girl :)
My sweet helpfull friend with a touch of a wonderfull sence of humor , i know that everyone wishes everyone some health some love some money etc ... but you my sweet woman , i wish you lots of hours fun with us , i wish you also the knowing that you can share everything with us .. the good moments , the sad ones .. the laughings .. the pain ... but most of all your smile . and there we go :-p of course i wish you all the love you can get , all the friendship and the warmth . i wish you the sun on your face , joy and happiness in 2015 ... lots of hugs and kisses for you and your family !
What a sexy sexy woman! :D
happy bday hun x
Love the cake! :) Looks very pretty.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
my uncle said u were one of the greatest people he ever methis name on here was hunk hes buried up in alaska
congrats hunni lovely pics xxx
omg you and your hubby look awesome everything looks so cute wtg congrats
awwww GEA soooo Beautiful hunni congrts....

Happy New YEar GEA!!!
Hi GEA Wishing You A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 ;>) xxx
tyvm hun ...wish you the best Christmas and new year , and wishing you all the best in the life...love and hugs
i wish you and yours a very merry christmas an a happy new year loves andrea
happy bday best wishes for u enjoy :D XD
***TAG*** I just tagged you (1) Where ever you may be...Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine! Thanks for being a part of my life and being such an awesome friend I hope we have many more years to come (1) xoxoxo
Happy Birthday Toooo Youuuu hope you have gr8 day xxx
hey its been a very long time i had bone cancer and got a bone marrow transplant used to talk all the time with u and baokie.talk later
what a cuteeee little boy,omg he's so awesomeee
and u2 of course (*_*)
hey sweetie 2 my fav admin of 1 of my fav tds just wanted 2 say hi and glad were still talking after all tese yrs hun love ya koke
umm.. can you tell me where my chicken is.. i am starved :D
what nice you look in this photo.. hugs :)))
I am very lucky to have gotten to know you. You are "my angel" and that will never change. You are a very good friend and I wish you all the happiness in the world and I still like to kick your booty in ludo. Love ya hun & hugsssssssssss.
hellllloooo hunni good to see you ALWAYS.. cant wait to be invited to the wedding HAHAHA huggggggggss your the bestest :D
hey hun wanted to say ty for being such a great friend of mine knew eachother for a long time glad we are friends u always make me laugh no matter what lmao stay sweet hun love yaaaaaaaaa
awww the baby soooooooo lovely how are you hun

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX marco.
we miss you too but school first you take care
Huggggssss GEA!!!!!
Finalmente !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur such a twerp... you know i only let u beat me :P your the greatest Greenie.... i lubs ya .... p.s make sure u always take ur "man" out when ur playin ludo.. otherwise he has a hard time making it home :P
:o really? :o heheh (<3)
love this new pic of you :)
the smiling pic weeeeeeee
Thank Hun for the friend Add. You are a really sweet Lady with a good sense of humor! :) Always love catching a game with you. Thanks for always being so helpful.

ahem u little pink profile i WONT put pics of me in here :PPPPPPPPPppppppppp
omg what u mean racing is :s omg you are grrrr it aint my fault i win :0) am jsut waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay good :0) modest too hehe
Happy New Year Gea You are a great td love Kara
hiya hun wanted to wish a happy new year hope its a good one for u this year keep up the good work on here ur doing awesome and just remember i love ya hun ur awesome
hey hun happy new years and u wonderful t,d hun t,c love scotty xxxxxx
hiya angel, Just stopping by to say hey, You are a great person,I am glad I meet you on OB, You are a great friend,You Rock... I hope you have a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,
Thank You so much for being a great TD and watching out for a newbie. So many times they get left behind and they just leave. We were them once. Happy Holidays.....Good things come to good peeps:-).
hiya hun merry christmas and ty for being a great friend ur sweet n kind and u always make me laugh too hun i cant wait either hun u have always been there for me n i want to ty for being there for the tough times n sad times n happy times i love ya hun love lisa
hiya xx
merry xmas and a happy new year xx
xx xxstaceyxx xx
lmao so u finally finsihed the semseter u geek great now u got more time to play racing with me :d and ptd as long as i wil :d

oh btw common where is the pic of mr dog huh huh???
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday to you and many more to come.May you have a joyous one.Thanks for hosting games ur the best.
ahem Happy Bday to youuuu Happy bday to youuuu Happy bday Dear Angel happy bday to youuuuu :0) :0)

A yrs older woot woot haha
love ya sweety :d
care for a racing game? :p :p
heyyyyy just wanted to say tys for all the help u have giving me....ur a awesome td and alot of fun .... moody
i agree with me bro but put Mr dog in the pics as well i swear that dog is funny lmao
Have I ever told you that I LOVE YOUR DOGS???????
Hey My Best Friend, glad to see you finally made it on here. Been missing you on here lol.
:o do my eyes decieve me or the Angelick geek is here? :0)
hi green it looks good n love they doggies i got a rotty
Hey gea I love your hair. I am so glad to be your friend.
well what can i say ....
jsut a wish but u already know it ;)

That is an amazing thing angel n want u to know that ur a great friend also love ya stay the way u r (R)
OMG!! your little black dog.. I have a mini bull dog that looks like he could be his/her TWIN.. how cool is that.. hope all is well with u and school tc hun :)
I noticed that whole gang signed that but me :O

Well i will have to second what them all said :P

Hugs and kisses lil devil ;)
well i have nothing to say i agree with all 3 (shadow, Eliz and trux)

miss you a lot and i really like talking to you cute voice devil :p









Always there for ya!

what can i say? Angel, not only your name say all about you.. your face, your words.. talk alone.
Nice picts.. and im very glad for know you.

Hug and kiss from chile
wow hi grn eyed its snow here i saw ur profile and wow ur deep- u know ur philosophies- look upa chinese philosopher called confucious-famous lol see ya l8ter
psssssst u little cute voice devil i mean Angel lol
love you miss you :d hope you are having a great time at classes lmao

xxxxxx<3 <3

evelyn :d
well everyone is writing all those good things bout u i just had to say sth bad :p

so here goes.....(4 days later)

well i have nothing bad to say for you :d :p

oh w8 i must write sth down however
I LoVe YoU (<3)
Hi love to play on bandit you are a nice person love the pictures.
Hey sweetie
You are great!!!!
and i really like you...hehehe ;)
Happy & love
where in ohio angel .... i am in southeastern ohio.. so cool... gl with school =)
comment there are you happy roflmao
I <3 you Angel!
Angel Angel Angel......Angel
what can i say hmm cute little pics i wuv the dogs pmsl despite the fact that they bark :p
oh i have a ???
erm.... Whats up doc?:p
pmsl love sweety with all my brain ;)
Hiya hunnie.. you r such a sweet girl...thx for all the trnys and luv your profile xxxxx
Well well miss GrnEyedDev.. --Angel i mean :P I had the exact same question.. "u were so cute.. what happened???" lmao just kidding of course :P

love the profile huni wtg
xxxxx baz xxxxxx
nice profile all the best
Angel can i tell u sth?


gosh i love to tease you (<3)
round and around Angel goes were she lands no one knows :0)

hehehe altough i seemed to have lost an nagel i keep my hopes up :p

LoVe YoU :ddddddddd
hugs and kiss for a swett lady :)
hey hun well what can i say about you mmmmm you are perfect in every way a nice person a true friend and a great td hun keep up the good work hun love scotty xxxxxxx
just passing by today and saying hi love too much u know the reason why :p
hmmmm hmmm hmmm what else?.....
oh yes i agree with 1 of ur quotes but u know that already

oh and a big huge
Thank You still u know why;)

p.s. let me know if anyone is mean to u and they will be doomed in flmaes lol

love you hunni byeeeeee
___ Hi Angel :)
hi hun lovely pic nice homepage and ur very sweet person am glad we have good laugh love devil
you r a sweetie just want to let you know thank you for being my frienddd

love feathersss
aww you so pretty just want ed to let u know tyvm for being my frienddddd

love feathersssss
i don't know you,bur only see your picture here and i thing u are really sweety and nice
u are so prettytoo
ciao dolce ragazza
hmmm... what can i say to an angel hmmmmm....
Angel u a great friend and a td! nahhh its no good lol:)
how about ((((angel)))) nope it ain't that :(
apparently nothing i can wirte or say is a match of ur kidness and ur amazing sense of humor :)

ty for being an only buddie lol:)
Heya Angel ty for the OB mail I hope your V-day was good and happy for you!

Lotsa hugz,
Hi sweetie, i love the pics n u r such a great friend. And u r a great td keep up the great work. And always keep smiling.. Friend 4 Life cutie
Hey girl! I am glad that you are my good friend. We always spend time together and have fun. I also glad to be TD with you heehee and others too . You are alot of fun girl! keep it up :) big huggggsss!

love, Maria
hun like the pic ur a good td but not better than cutie sry lol keep up the dgood work hugs n kisses on the cheekk
kewl site thanks for inviting me
Thanks for inviting me to the game...Its a blast and the people are great....
Hi hunni!!!!
Thanks for being the bestest trainer EVER!!:P
Your a real sweetie and I'm glad that I have had the chance to get to know you :)
Hiiii, nice to see u around making great toursssss...
Hey Angellllllll!
Ermm... nothing original to say here.... Thank u for everything hun.. Take care and keep laughing :) xxxxx
Hiya angel its me evelyn, i have to be very careful not to make any kind of mistakes lol:)
so here i go thnx for accepting me into the spelling anonymous. :0) Anytime u want breakfast or beer or what ever let me know!!!lol
u are a great td and i hope eventually friend :0)
ur doggie is sooooooooo cute!!!! :0)
i hope u always have happiness and wish u gl in ur major class!
p.s. u might want to take a pillow next time u have the boring professor lol
OMG angel, if you need any help with your nursing courses, let me know. I am not far from you in Wisconsin and would be willing to help out any time. Not an easy program, but very fulfilling. See ya online.
hey beautiful, thank you for making my experience in ob a wonderful one an being that tourney guiding angel i so so needed as a newbie and nudge when i need it ...much love, kiss and bigs hon....keep that heart pumping with the beautiful love that the world its needs.

hi hun ty for all the tourneys ur a good friend and td keep up the good work and i look foward to beating u at puzzle and tris lmao i wish u all the best in the future jay ;)
You rock girl! Glad you got me playing somethin other than poker with ya! Good luck, now that I am here, you will NEED it babe! *kisses ya*
psst....guess wha :-D Hi Angel , thought I'd drop in a message to prove that I dont only have to talk through lobby to get yah smilin :P hehe ... Has been nice to get to know yah..
Best wishes,
hi hun your doing great at a td hun and you've got some lovely pics hun too

love tanya
hi girl
you're always so helpful and pleasant person thank you for hosting and making us smile
hugs and kisses
like the pics on ur profile u are one of few good tds well i think u are any ways thanks for the tounreys
heyy angellll :D tyyyyy for the laughs and tourneys I've been apart of, even though most of the laughs were "at" me not with me ;-) ty,

Hey hun, you look so cute, thank you for all the tourneys and beings such a sweetie and a good friend, hugs :)
Nice pic.Just want to thank you for hosting games that i plyed much enjoyed them.
hey gf just wanted to say keep up the good work ur a great td u r alot of fun ur very special i enjoy talking to u n beating u in some of the games lol love ya hun
i love u lots hun- GL with school :)
enjoy having you in my tourneys hun... you're very special and a lot of fun