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Username:baokie, 71 years
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 (20) Anyone want a fun, mean game of ludo... just give me a shout!  (20)
hey boakie i just love you and miss you a-lot glad to see you on once in a while... this is that crazy girl you befriiended when i first came onto ob. and helped me and had lots of tourney's for me too. lol see u in the games...
hey hun glaad we still talking after all these yrs love ya koke
Happy Easter :)
umm where are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its hard to keep being good if you aint here :p:p
I lisp and I stutter,
I am lousy at phonics,
But you Oklahomans
Stole my Super Sonics :(
Hi Baokie,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
Heyyy Baokie , Glad to see you back hun Well I wish you And your family A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!!
take care luv, Juls
oh my still that missleading pic in ur profile :s miss ya huddini hugsssssssss
that picture you got there is wrong not to mention the profile i mean you are no angel why you want people to be confused huh huh huh????

p.s. i have been extremely good this week :0) but you was not here to see x)
umm pssssssssssst turtle fanatic ty :0) wuv you too (<3)
Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and Thank You.
when i get 39 can i stucj there too? :p:p cause its unfaire ya know :p
:o you cahnged a picture :o shame shame shame!!! btw can i have some iced tea too? :0)
ha that lil saying you got there is funny as hell-o
i forgot what i wanted to write so i will just give you a biggggggggggg hugggggggg :0)
hey there boss!! lmao just popped on to say hi n ur the best trainer around ty for all ur time n patience hun xxx
hello and happy easter to you ;D
look at that i do not sign ur guestbook and then ppl start saying good things bout you omg!!! Not acceptable sigh! am done :0)
Hey Hun Just a lil note to say hello and i think your a wonderful lady and a awesome TD! Glad your back!! luv juls xxx
hi hun nice talking to ya x gl in all ur games hun tc and hope to speak soon xx cheryl xx
hi hun,
Hope you are doing okay!
I have not been on too often as i stopped smoking 7 weeks ago & dont want to get stressed out & start again,so i try to avoid stressfull situations. Take Care Love Liz x
hiya hunni im so happy to have u as friend hope family is all good have a gr8 one hunni bye xoxoxoxoxox
Thanks for adding me hun. Hope all is well "neighbor"--small world...lol. Have a good day and gl in your games!!! :)
xxxxxx BMRSoonerTD
Thanks for adding me hun. Hope all is well "neighbor"--small world...lol. Have a good day and gl in your games!!! :)
xxxxxx BMRSoonerTD

Kiss on cheek :D
hi hun, just want to say what a beautiful person you are, you have such a lovley nature, its been great getting to know you....Love Leah
Thanks baokie for the friends add. I appreciate all you help over the years, would never be able to navigate on here without you! ;) Thanks for the friendship and all the great tourneys. I appreciate all you do.

will you just change the profile :o:o:o pretty plzzzzzzzz :d:d:d
i will join every tourney u gonna host even the not closed ones lmao
hey gf...missed you...tyvm 4 your friendship...your a great friend to many ...tyvm..God Bless:)
hi thank you for the tourneys u do and nice talking to and enjoy hosting
I will fill up ur guestbook haha Happy New Year (<3)
arggggggggggggg i leave u come here arggg and then u go poof :( well ok in case i never see you till umm blah dunno anyhow Merrry x-mas mommy i love you and misss you (<3)
Baokie u okie...lol
Have a great Christmas...haven't been on since July...things are a changing. cya
see everyone says to come back :o:o so yeah do come x) instead of aspirins like nanvic said take a morphine :0) rofl funny huh but next time u come for a few secs YELL :d
Hey hun, hope you're recovering well. We all miss you so much!! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Better be resting like you should! Take care, love ya and miss ya hun!
gawd deb when u coming back? i really miss u lots and want nothing more for u to get better. so pop a couple of asprins and come join us!. i wish it was that easy huh? well hun please ger better soon caise i love ya and i know theres a bunch of bandits do too.
mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'( :'( i miss you terribly much worse than terribly i jsut cant find the word right now lol
well there is one good thing now that you are not here nobody makes me join tourneys pmsl
but it stinks that way :( so plz recover like way faster than the speed of light and come back

i love you a lot mommy hugs to your family (<3)
evelyn :0)
missing you hun very much do hope your are getting better
lv caz xxxxxx
hey why is everyone saying good words in here huh huh??

well i have sth bad to say :d hold on let me think

ok nevermind i have to say sth good as well

to the best ob mom and only o.O i wuv you lots even when u add me to ur tourneys pmsl

jk aside ppl she is a treasure :0)
Hi baokie, you are the best TD ever...always helpful to me and everyone on here...Love me...
I love the Charmin pic! That is 2 cute. Have a great day!
baokie you are a verry good TD always friendly and nice

Keep up the good work
baokie your one of best!! always helpful and kind, that takes a very special person. Glad I have had the chance to met you and to play in your tourneys.
Hip Hip Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy :d

just me being :d lol ;)
hey crazy!!!

"What would you think if I sang out of tune?
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song.
And I'll try not to sing out of key....

Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get high with a little help from my friends
Oooh I'll get by with a little help from my friends

You are My friend even u dont like it!!! heheh
Now be good girl and write me how much u love me in my GB!!!!
i was scrolling down the users list and thought to check ur profile and realized i ahve not sign it this month :o :o :o

you can imagine my shock :p

love u lots Debs :d (<3)
but most of all u are the greatest person :d i mean u even let me tease you ALL the time :d :d :d :0)

well thats it thnx for all ;)
evelyn :0)
Your tourneys ROCK!!!!! thanks for all that you do.. and most of all all your help
Such a sweetie and a genuine nice person xoxox
Well Well....
I have to say that u all know:
she is crazy!!!! LOL
hehehe ;-)
I am really happy to know you :)
Baokie Thank You For Hosting All the Ludo Toury.... You are the Best..... Ludo is my #1 game I play on OB.... Keep up the good work!!!!! huuuugggsssss
you are very lovely xxx
hi debs my very dear friend and to tell u your one in a million and a ace t,d /admin
all my love caz (vixen) xxxx


luv u hun plus i also love teasing u thnxxxxxxxxx
hiya baokie ur the best td there is lots hugs lauren xx
Thanks for all the great tounreys you put on...I love the special formats you do =)
ahem well erm i have two ears and 4 eyes and i care aout Deb lol

just giving u a hard time on bad timing :p sorryyyyyyyyyy luv u anyhow lmao

thnx for being u ;)
HI HUN TY 4 THE FUNNY GOOD TOUNARYS and much greetings from me :-* ICH007
I really want to ty you for all our help you have giving me ........Youf are a great person and alot of fun.......Tys again.........ps You are a great training moodygranny (alison)
hi my baokster <3 <3 bye hunni
i might not be here much lately bu i never forget ;)

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :d :d :d
Hey Deb u r 1 of the best TD's we have on here and u r a great friend hope to have many great times and games with ya.

luv ya xxoo

heyyy very nice person ty 4 the tourey nice chat all a bit off fun t/c speak soon i hope eddie
haven t been playing on ob for long but already i find you as a really nice person,i speak as i find & i like you lol.xx
hi nd ty for tournys!!!
hi nd ty for tournys!!!
Howdy Baokie my friend. I think you and your tourneys are totally groovy! lol
No Dear..you are in a wrong because I think You are the sweetest, kindest person..Thank you !!

And im very happy for know you..is my pleasure!

ahemmm.. but i try to do my best..hehehe. I know you are a good opponent..Hug a lot!
tyvm 4 all the tournyez love em =))
,-~-. _.---._ ,-~-.
/ .- ,' `. -.
` /` ' ' /
`-/ 'a___a`
( .__. ) /
`.___,' /
.-`._ _,'-.
,' ,' `---' `. `.
/ / :
,' / : `.
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`.__,' .- : /-. `.__,'
/ `. : ,'
.""-.,' `._:_,' `.,-"".
/ ,-. ` ) ( ' ,-.
( ( `. ,' `. ,' ) )
_,' `._ / / /
`.`._,' / `._,','
`.__.-' `-.__,'
love all your tourneys nice 41 tourneys won
hi baokie ur the best td here big hugs lauren
Hey C-h-e-a-t-e-r just dropped by to say HEYA THERE!

hi i love this site im 53 also
hi hunnie ,
I just wanted to stop in and say hi to a wonderful person (you) :)
You are one of the nicest ppl in ob hun !
And I just luv ur tourneys, tysm hun 4 hosting them :)

luv ya ur friend always nina
deb your family is beautiful and so are you. im so glad i got to know you and most of all that we are friends. ty deb .
hugs and kisses

Baokie, you really are a sweetheart, and I so appreciate all you help. You are forever bailing me out!!! Thanks again, you are the best.

luv ya
hmmm What should I say in here? All I can say is that you are the greatest person I have ever met online... You have such a wonderful disposition.
I want to say Thank you for training me to be TD. I love it so much! Its so much fun! :) You are Great TD. I am very glad to meet you and be my great friend!! all of my TDS and VIPS are my friends too! :)

Love you and huggss,
Hi hun!! Thanks for being so patient with me in my training and thanks for all your help.. U r the best hun! Love u much xxx
Boakie, thank you fro believeing in me lol. Your the best hon and I love bandit alot and will strive to be an angel. hehehe. Love you girl . Ms_Attitude4U
hi hun just wanted to say a big massive ty for helping me with my training on beomind a td so tyvm hun without i would never of coped
love ya lots have fun xxx
Oh What a lovely profile and family!! My goodness. A pleasure to see hon. Stay cool and c u onbandit. lol ILONA xx
you good girl...eli
wanna tell u that u have 2 know that all ppl in bandit here luv u...but dont 4get that Mag-d(goofy) beats u in all games :P
hi hun just wanted to say ty for being such a sweet person glad i had the chance to get to know u ty for the tourneys also u make them alot of fun ur such a sweet person u always make a person laugh no matter what glad im going to be a td and join the nice sweet bandits keep up the good work hun love ya
hi hun
your a good td and a good friend too keep up the good work hun we work good together

love tanya
Baokie i'm glad your a TD you host great tourney's and you are great!!!
Dear Baokie
your tornny is very fun
hey baokie hun, you're such a great td, and even more important, a great person! I'm glad I met ya. Thanks for all the tourneys! Hope ya start feeling better soon =) Take care!
hi hun thanks you for all the great tourney and your the best td on here
baokie u r so nice person and so helpfull thanx for every thing
hi baokie ur soo sweet and helpful and always love ur tourneys
hi hun i like your profile hun and i think your a great td hun and a nice person too xxxx
ive nice profile hun ty for you tourneys hun you a really nice person too ty
hi baokie ty so much for all the tourneys hun and ty for been a friend your granddaughter is so beautiful her eyes wow your one of the nice ppl on here hun dont ever leave us
hey baokie, thanks for always being nice and for all the tournys you do. you do a good job.
Hi Baokie, right this kid have the star in the eyes.
One hug .. and have a lot of funn here with us, in OB.
hi ya baokie to one of the best tourney td's that bandit has ever seen, keep up the good work cause i like it too much lol
omg baokie that baby is beautiful those eyes are gorgeous! i just wanted to say how glad i am to have met you and i hope our friendship remains in the future. its been fun playing with you. hope to play you soon mf.
I always open your profile just to look into those eyes!!! Amazing!!
Hi baokie..looks like sarah beat me gl in your games :)
Hi Baokie... wanted to be the 1st to post hehe :) xx