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Username:moodygranny, 61 years
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Am Granny to "8 LiL Angel's" 4-boys 18,14,11 and 6 yrs and 3-girls 8 ,6 yrs and 14 months (1) ..ok have to add 1 more grand-baby she is 1 month old .LOL 8 is enough I told my kids...I enjoy spending time with them and seeing  the world threw there eyes.. My favorite saying is " Can't never did".. GL IN YOUR GAMES...(22)
hny moodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
moody danny
moodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dannnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Wow, so young and beautiful.....wi9th 6 grandkids yet.....Whatever your taking, send some my way!!!!!! Paleeeeze!
still fighting cancer
moody danny you so sexy !
super hot grannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we love you xo
moody dannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
:( i missed ya yesterday
hi baby miss yur xxxxxxxxx you look so cute in your pick ........ love bear
has been fun girl and good laughs-which we all need,im sure theres plenty more lol
ty 4 my comment i think, well i hope im teaching u how 2 play properly , being a host doesnt mean u know it all lol . anyways its nice 2 play wiv ya , i may not learn anything but its still nice ......1uk :-)
boo from da bug
You Make My Bandit Experience Tolerable! TY!
woohoo now thats ittttttttt tyty
ur quite fun 2 talk 2 as well , i only hope that talking 2 me has improved ur communication skills , 4 this i do not charge , just that u appreciate me when im here , ooh and u call me sir as well lol . seriously i hope u are well and havin a blast and yeah say hi 2 me ,ppl might think ur cool if they know u know me ;-) . lol 1uk :-)
Can you get one with the pants a little lower lmao
Wowwwweeee thats one Hottie!!!!! I gotta get me one of those !!Hmmmmm love it!!!!
hi there globe trotter ur a lovely happy person hun i think a lot of u but don't that as i aint gonna pick on ya an doesn't meeen i have to talk to u lol luvs u hun xxxxxxx
Well from the pics the name don't fit. Cute family. UMMM who is the fireman??? can't be to moody with a pic like that. :):) C U in the games...Have fun.
=-o omg its granny!!!!
hi hun i love the fun in ob lobby hope you have a great year and look forward to "seeing" you daily
hey granny moody , nice 2 of met u and a td im gettin 2 know important ppl now , sooo if i give u gifts ull let me win ur tourneys ????lol weeeeeeeeeeee ok guess not , but have fun :-)
Howdy granny. Nice pics. Your sure are a sexy thing
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee. You are a great td. keep up the good work.
Hey Hun xx

Just wanted to say Love Ya Loads & and New pic's are lookin fit lol

Awww pics are so cute...Little duckie.... Go check out the new pics I just put on mine!

Huggsssss hun xxxxxxx

hey do all firemen look that hot roflllllllllllllll
Hey Gurlie How You Been Miss Ya Muwahhh Let's Play A Game Sumetime Luvz Ya Gurlie Huggerz.
heyyy granny
always nice to play you, about time you order some shrimp
Hey Huni xxx

Just wanted to tell ya
I love ya loads and your such a lovely and sweet person,

Luv Ya
thats not snow. its dandruff lol
Hey that was not a very nice entry you sent me LMAO I can't wait to beat you at ludo and ptd again. lol you are a good person im glad we got to meet. have s great day
very nice to meet you and talk in lobby and also joke around i do wish the best for you in life and darn it smile
Hey Granny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol
Your such a lovely person to sweetie xx its lovely to have such good friends on here.
love ya 2 bits

aka grand-daughter lol
hi hunni..........U is da best.... i luv ya..You are so sweet and fun.. Love those pics...Beautiful Family.... Stay just like you us =hehe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxx Love, Sunshine
Hi moodygranny
You have a beautiful family. It was very nice to meet you and hope we can play sometime. Take care of that puppy:)
ello petal lol xx
hi moody love yur ......xxxxxxxxxxx
you are a very sweet person love talkin with ya not a bad spades player either lol
awww ty hun your a great TD 2 and thnk you for being so kind to me Huggerz WildCrayon
hope you had a good new year just wanted like linda to say hi and glad were friends

your friend,
stacey xx
i love this pict..

Hug to you and all yours :)
Hiya hun, Just wanted to stop by and say hey, I hope all is well your way, I am so happy we are good friends, I am glad I meet you, I hope you have a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,
merrry x mass and happy new yr granny. be safe and have fun xo ozzy
merry xmas to u and urs
i wish you a very merry christmas hun
loves grannyandrea
hi moody

g,day from down under, wanted to say your a terrific td, and a very good friend. I know what a sweetie you are, but gee woman you could be a little more forthcoming with the bg tournies you know, what does a girl have to do, bribe you with money lmao

love dianne
hv a great x mass granny. and no more bumps on the coconut if u can help it ok xo ozzy
Howdy ME Slowpoke,
Just popped in to say your a great td and also a bloody good mate. OMG you crack me up your a real hoot....
Cheers Scarlet xxxxxx
P.S Ohhh by the way where's me bg woman and don't be thinking I will be playing that alter ego of yours again she cheats rofl
heyyyyyyyy moodyyyyyyyyyy its great to b part of the team with u guys . ur all the best lovely profile hun georgous pics keep up with the tricks lol tc xxxxxx

hey there skinny :D :P its been great getting to know you too even if you do play jokes on me (and btw i know it was your idea) My word of the day confussed lol
haha hey girl you are awesome and funny, i had a blast chattin with you. And sorry but I think you are the better TD. lol
when i grew up we didn't have grannys as pretty as you or as young. have a good day, jd.
Alison, just wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving and sending some love your way. David James
i was just stunned to see your pic on another friend list, you certtainly dont look like a grandma...your grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for your hosting, and all you do here
women (p)
hiya hun just wanted to say ur a great friend glad i got the chance to know u ur sooo pretty ur a awesome td too keep up the good work hun love ya lisa
Hey sweetie,

Ok from now on you can just call me quickdraw mcgraw rofl

As for your bg tourney I too am waiting for 1, so chop chop lol

Also thank you so much for welcoming me here and being a great friend..

You rock Allison muahhhhh
hi hun im glad that you are a td is really fun when you host ....keed up the good work and ty for being a friend....lv wolf
hey hun thought i say u are a awsome td n a great person too hun n gd friend to me and i never forget u hun p s u look hot hun from scotty hugssssssss xxxxxxxxx
You are one awesome looking granny is all I can say. I gotta be careful what I say to you but G-d only knows what the limits would be in pampering and spoiling you. You see, I happen to think that your insides are as beautiful as your outsides and, well, that's all it takes for me. You rock lady. You one hot lady. Stay steady, stay happy, there's lottsa love here at OB for you not to mention the abundance of it from your family. This was from the heart.........Nathan
hey hun!!! you so rock and i love joinin your tourneys, you are a great TD and a awesome friend thanks heaps hun.
Luv Jo
Happy Birthday hun!!!!
You are great Td's!!!
hugs and kiss
lol hi hun thx 4 always helping me.thx 4 great tourneys and for being awsome friend.!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmm dont think im gonna call ya granny any more , u sure dont look like one lol ,great td too
hehehe hiiiiii ty for all the geat bg games and tourneys and for being a great friend
Hey moodyyyyyy
Nice to have u as a TD
Ur an awesome lady!!!!