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Username:tljackson1980, 40 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 1386 times
My homepage:www.myspace.com/tinaj98

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I am very happily married to Jason, the love of my life. I have 3 wonderful boys: Jason Jr, Justin and Jordan. They are my world. Thanks to my fave sis from another miss Anna for being a great friend and listener. Also thanks to everyone for the laughs and great games.

Be who you are...not what others want you to be. :)
OMG! Where you be? Miss ya, hope y'all had a wonderful Xmas and wishing y'all health, wealth and happiness in 2010. xxx
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving too girly . Hugggies right back atcha .. haha unless ya prefer depends .. LOL
Happy Thanksgiving to my favorite unbiological sis and her family. I am thankful for having you in my life, you're truly the sister I never had I love you girl.
Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Peace n love!
That Comment cracked me up !!! .. If I had pictures of ya .. I could prob modify it for ya ...LOL Thanx for the Games n LAUGHS !!!!
Ohhhh where do I begin LEGPP!! :) You need to start winning sludo - you know, gotta beat Annerz, but not me. I need points :P Thanks for the giggles in lobby and in brown. I noticed, you sure like to "ROFL" alot. Good way to keep em clean and shiny ;) Stay sweet!!
Hey Sis just letting ya know I've been thinking about you today, hope all went well with your surgery. Huggssss ¢¾
Where u beeeeeeee? Drop me a line and lemme know if and when you havin surgery
Well what can I say about you, you're truly my bestest friend online, for without you I'd be truly insane. Glad to be called your friend, we've had some good times together and for that I'm greatful. Thank you for being my friend. Love ya sis!!!
I missed you this morning:-(
Tina I don't know why I call you a nut, ya just act like one i guess. It's all good thought better then being called a dork........haha
Your a sweet and kind person Tina im glad im a friend, glad i met ya on here. Good friends are hard to come by:-)
Just dropped by to say hey.....soooooooo heyyyy ya nut!!!!!
HAHAHA I love that comment that moody sent ya!!!! WOOHOO I did beat you!!!!!! Where ya at woman? Ya gonna sleep all day? LOL! I come to see if you're on this morning before I take Logan to the doctor and you're not even here =[
ok i was paid 2 sign this ... woooooooo hooooooooooo anger beat u in ptd lol....... ur alot fun 2 b around when iam winning the game lol .......moody grannyyyyyy (alison)
Tina I found you a house!!! WOOT WOOT!!! It's right down the street from me!!!! I'll tell you about it later.
Happy Valentine's Day Tina!!!!!!!! Let's go down to the crick!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! Hurry up and get here, I don't have all day to wait, well actually I do but I wasn't gonna tell you that!!!!!!! LOL!
OMG Tina Where u at? I miss you bigger brat!!!!!
Tinaaaaaaaaaaa........woot woot glad we have met hunni U is a hoot......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Love ya Sunshine
WOOHOO Tina!!!!!! Thanks for being a good friend...seems like those are hard to come by these days. This is just a thank you for listening to all my drama....ENJOY! LYLAS