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OK here are some new pictures i had made on feb 4th of me and my girls hope yall like them and if not then don't look :P 
fluffyyyybutters miss ya u need to get on FB more often heheh
i still dont see how people think i look like you lol i sware i look like me and not you or dad lol
cool pics hun, gorgeous family, love linda xxxx
I love the pics girl what a sweet family.
omg they are awesome pics hun...beautiful family including their momma lol...bet Rat will luv them too...ya know if ya ever need to talk hun you have my number and dont be afraid to use it anytime day or night
Very nice pics. What is with the all white though? Christian attire or???
Very nice looking ladies though I must admit!
Merry Christmas Fluff!!!
I wish you and your family Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year hun xxxxxxxx
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Merry Xmas fluffy duck .. wishing you and your lovely family all the best for the holidays and a very Happy New Year, luvs ya Tricky xx
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! xxx
~Hey Fluff....this is gonna be the longest years of your life while your hubby is gone....but you are surrounded by lots of people who love and care about you...and you know you can call me ANYTIME, and if you ever need company just call me I will come down anytime you need me too....you are an awesome person and you have a wonderful family! Love ya my fluffers *hugs* xoxoxo Sommer
Hey Fluff. Are you sure these are pics of your girls? They sure look like they could have been you in your younger formative days. lol Nice kids for sure!
Happy Birthday to a very special person on OB you are one of the nicest people here so please don't ever change (which I doubt you would) Also have to say LOVE THE PICTURES your girls look like real gems like theie mum.xxooxxooxxoo
Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people on OB, I'm so glad I met you fluffa, you're one in a million and I love you to pieces, have a great day sweetie, hugs & kisses, tricky xx
Happy Mothers Day.....miss you guys.....xxxxxxxxxx
Just wanted to say HI FLUFFFFFFFF! You are crazy as hell! Keep us laughing :D
heyyyyy fluffy-a-nutter LOL ...jsut thought i would give a hello
Happy Easter my crazy fiend
Happy Easter my fluffy friend, luv you heaps, tricky xx
Awww love your pics of your lil girls there so sweet
As I said fluffa I can't believe you have grown up kids, you look like one... you are so young girl, what's your secret? You have gorgeous girls .. like mother like daughters is the saying .. Love xx
Awww fluff your daughter are beautiful... soooo cute!
FLUFFFA can't believe I haven't left you a gb entry b4 now. You're such a sweetie and I luv ya heaps, you're a great friend and always been there for me, tricky xx
happy new year huny xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Fluff,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXX Marco.
Happy Holidays to you and your family hunny! I love ya! xoxoxo
I am prettu rockin' hehe. JK you rock yourself. always amking me giggle even though you ate my birthday present i forgive you... and dont forget xmas is coming and you can buy me bags and heaps and gobs of discounted xmas candy to make up for halloween! smooches!
hi baby nice to see you bck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hey hun i love your profile.Take care
luv tweety
heyyy mrs bomb , i dont hate u .well hiya tracy just thought id stop by and say hi and say sum nice things about u ....until i can think of any ill just waffle ok soo hope ur having a good day , u are a good friend not just 2 me but 2 every 1 . never change be urself and never let any 1 ever get 2 u or make u think any thing different .. ok now i can stop waffling . tracy ur a cool chick as u say in america lol . and have a nice day :-) ..luvs ya as a friend 1uk ( barry ) if u didnt know ?
hiya girl! your profile is cool, nice family. glad that i met you. you are nice and sweet person. yeah ummm your funny tho too. lmao! hugggsss, Maria
Hey girl just letting you know i luv ya. I love the new look here, cute bunch a kids to, they all urs?.....lmao
hi fluff just to say your cool xxxxxxxx and cute love yer huny
fluffy send me that one pic Uk lion i love it muhaaaaaaaaaa

Heck girl i want to see pictures of those cute kiddos of yours?
I don't want to see no dam butterflies....grrrrrrr
luv ya hunni
HAPPY B-DAY from all the Staff at XLMAX Radio :P
Hi sweetyi hope all is well.
I really missed you this morning, not the same without ya here.
If you need me you know my number hun:-)
luv ya
Hi Fluff i miss ya this morning. Not the same without ya hun.
I sure hope Rat gets to feeling better, i need to kick his hiney in pt yahtzee.......lol
Love ya guys
Hi Fluff - I am so happy you consider me your friend. You are special hon and I am proud to be your friend - hope we have lots and lots of games - t/c Knisten
looking great on cam.im watching you right now lol.
IM YOUR FIRST POST HERE...SO COOL.I see you typing in room right now lol.hope your doing fine