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❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫❤♫❤.╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗ೋ ❤❤❤~~HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!~~❤❤❤ ೋ ╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝❤♫❤♫❤.•*¨`*•..¸♥☼♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.♫❤♫❤♫❤
Pics of me, Tara(saintsfanchick) Connie(xnaughtybrat1968) Sarah(usmcwife)and Winnie~memorial day weekend! (8)
(3)~The pictures are of me and my kids...Morgann she is 11 and Myles he is 5~(8)~I am not here to look for a relationship, so if that is wat you are after, you wont find that here~(1)~and pls do not ask me to pvt chat...it's not gonna happen!! (22) My daughter Morgann plays on my name alot also so it is not always me on here.(1)
I am not perfect and i don't do a lot of things right, but when i look into the eyes of my two beautiful children i know i did atleast two things perfectly! (41) (10)
I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer in 2007 and stage 2 in august of this year.  When something life changing happens to you, it makes you see first hand how short life is and that tomorrow is not guarenteed! Everything that i have and am going through has only made me a stronger person. Life is precious don't waste time on being miserable!! Love your children spend time with them.  (10) ~If god brings you to it, he will see you through it!
Happy New Year CB!
***TAG*** I just tagged you (1) Where ever you may be...Happy Holidays to you and your family from mine! Thanks for being a part of my life and being such an awesome friend I hope we have many more years to come (1) xoxoxo
awww u so purrty :) u dont look crazy :P
I had a blast with you this weekend I cant wait to see you again girl I will be moving that way soon enough
rockon blondie stay healthy n keep the faith xo ozman
Give your kiddos a kiss for me.. Muahs so cute they are.
pffffffffffffft . beautiful pictures of you and your kiddo's.Love You and I dont just say that to everyone. muahs
Wee hey my lovely crazy girl. I cannot believe how sweet you can really be.. Too bad alot do not know what I do about you..Your a great person and I totally adore our friendship.. Love ya chicky.. Muahs
yeah u are crazy and hey miss ya sommer.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year hun.

Merry Christmas Sommer to you and your family
awwww luv the pics hun..soo gangsta in the 1 lmao..Hope you n your family has a great Holidday hun luv ya
Happy Christmastttttt!! and a funny happy New Year!! :p
Heyyyyyyyy thanks for the GB hope you have a fantastic christmas and a happy new years
Hugs Dee :-)
hey sommer wanted to wish u n ur family a merry christmas n a happy new year love ya gf xxxxxxx
Sommerrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Have a merry christmas and happy new year!! love ya girl!
Hey My Crazy Hooch! Love the new profile picture! Wanted to say hi and that i miss you lotsssss. I hope you and the family had a great thanksgiving. Promise when i get my voice back that ill call you again.. Love Ya, Hooch! Talk to you soon. hugsssssssss!
looking sweet , hey u never talk 2 me now ???? hope ur well and things are good 4 u all , now dont be afraid i dont bite and say hello once in a while . luv 1uk x
That is a greatsest photo, makes me wanna reproduce even though i cant
Happy gobble gobble to you too my cooterlove! hope you and your babies have a great holiday, and you know me, ill be scarfing up the content of my kitchen!
Happy Thanksgivin my friend.. and give your kiddos great big hugs for me.. I hope you always are happy in whatever life brings you.. or you choose for your life.. Never let anyone take ur happiness.. but God almighty..love you always
Happy Turkey Day from me tc and bill glad r one of my HOOCHES best of luck n love always glad we r friends muahsssssssssssssss
was sleepy drunk on her last comment she never says nice things to me ? lol , t/c summer i guess some of that she says is true x
Hiya Sommer. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are a sweet , great human being and I am proud that you are a woman,the way you care about your friends ,the way you are a good mother to your children impresses me so much. Don't worry so much because this isnt just you in this world that all this is happening to.I am always there for you.God bless you.
screw eharmony and match.com, do you know how many hot idiots there are out there! it was quite sad.
have you missed me cooter??????? p.s why arent there any hot guys on here?
hey sommer just wanted to say ty for being my friend n being there for me when i was about to lose my mom i hope someday to meet u in person ur sweet kind n funny person i love ya gf
Hey sommer...before my membership ends later today because ob hates me and never wants to take my card,lol...thanks for being a great friend. Ever since ive had the baby ive lost alot of my friends but you an Jen both have stuck around and have been their when i needed someone to talk to. Youboth are really good friends.
Thankyou for being my CB I had a blast you are a kick ass blocker couldn't have won them with out ya. Thanks for the thoughts just wish they make up their damn minds tc and thanks again
wow can ur camera get any closer ?? lol , thanx 4 being around , guess ur friends are right , u are pretty awesome .t/c and i guess i gotta call u mommy from now on . luv barry x
to my favorite blonde.... i <3 soooo much.. its a honor.. to call you friend :)
----*VeRi VeRi CuTe*----
---**KiNd hEarTeD**---
----**tRuSt wOrThY**-----
---**sHoO shOo nIcE**---
lmaooo damn it woman i told you i am an innocent angel lmaooo..you are a very sweet person and we have had alot of fun on OB and on FB..dont ever change hun...stay crazy weeeeeeeee
OK Already... here is your gb entry! lol .... Just kidding. Just want to let u know u are cool as shit and I am so glad that u have become so close to my lil sis and now me! As for Jen being too much of a "good girl" for u.... believe me she is used to it! Me and you are way toooo much alike so she can hang! Love ya chick! U need to bring your butt to Mississippi it ain't as COLD here! TTYL! much love... steph
awwww ur soooo sweet hunni :/ thanks you 4 just beeing you <3 Love U Sommer <3 tc babe
cooter ive missed you so! hope all is well on your end as well.... Do you know how much trouble we could get in if you lived closer?!?!?!!?! hahahha
This is from my XxGransxX~she thought she wrote it in my GB :D

Ya know, it is funny how God sends someone to you almost as if to try and replace a loss. What you wrote on my GB was beautiful babe, just as you are. I hope that life brings you all the happiness you can endure and may your life be filled with love. If you ever need me, you know where to find me. I am always here for you anytime. Love ya bunches babe, muahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
cause you are are favorite hooch.... hehe
Hi My Favorite Hooch, My Partner in Crime, My Best Friend! Im not even sure where to beginning. I can say sooo much about you :P You are the greatest friend that anyone could ask for. You are always upfront and honest and tell it just the way it is. I know that I can tell you anything and get the greatest advice a person can ask for! Thanks for the many “its going to be fine” and “its not worth it”! Thanks for always being just a phone call away! I cant wait to meet you! We are going to have a blast! As Morgann has said before, “You are the coolest mom ever” but you are also one hell of a friend! Love ya girl!
heeeeey wow everytime u put a pic up guys look at u , i thought u didnt want a relationship here ???? seems like ur teasing lol , anyways ur 30 ??? in this life ? well sorry i was sidetracked there 4 a bit , well its nice to know u summer and play some games like once in a month , soooo stay focussed and i guess u will win sumtime b4 xmas ...luv 1uk xxx
you are my favorite hooch.... you know i <3 ya more than the others.. just remember .... cereal is only good for breakfast... hee hee
hey my hooch i will a lways be here 4 ya u can call me day or nite no matter what time it is wait u have done that lmao. if ya need me im always here for ya here
muahssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss xoxoxoxo
wow look at all the boys looking back at u , u should really stop asking us all to look at ur profile hun ..its making u get a bad reputation ...just giving u my free advice hun ..anyways hope u and ur life is ok ..t/c and all that luv 1uk xxx
Hey My Bestest Craziest Friend... You are such an awesome girl ! I am so glad that you and i have become such great friends. Love talking on the phone with you when we have a chance. lol and love playing partners because we kick (_,_). Cant wait to come to Ohio and then drive to Canada with you! Lol Love Ya
just want 2 say it was nice meeting u hun ty
Always remember hunni that i love ya :)
Sommer, I cant seem to describe how much you have done for me over the past few weeks. Your an amazing mother, an amazing friend, and amazing OB wife. You mean so much to me as a dear friend. Words cant explain the feeling I have for you. Stay true to yourself. Love ya David James
to my 1 and only favorite hooch im glad we r friends stay the way u r
muahssssssssss connie
Well where do i start lets see lol you are a super nice person and you are 1 heck of a friend to me you helped me out so much on here and in real life and i want you to always remember if you ever need a shoulder to lean on you know who you can count on. And if there is anything i can ever help you out with just let me know.Ok thats enough for now lol love you big time and stay sweet.
Your are the BEST OB wife a guy could ask for! Love you millions xoxoxo