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Username:xxdolphm1xx, 54 years
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Love the pics.
wtg on friendliest girl - sweet dolphins too
Happy New Year Dolph!!!
i wish you and yours a very merry christmas an a happy new year loves andrea
roflmao omg lisa is sooo funny looking and such a beautiful baby such BIG eyes........and your such a wonderful person Dolph noone can ask for a better friend :D

okies hiya sweet dolphy and thank u for the fun we have playing pyramids if u wouldnt be on me head so muech mwuaahs also u r so sweet 2 lubs ya always xoxox
ahh here you are!! ok i want to thank-you for all ur help here and being my partner n yes we ar the best!!! you are very sweet also n i thank god he sent us to meet !! k see if that goes thru oxoxo
Merry Christmas Sweetie.. I hope you and your family enjoy your holidays. May the new year bring you great things.
Merry Christmas Dolph I hope you and your family had a wonderful day
hope you have a wonderful time merry christmas and a happy new year hun xxxx
hi maria and family
thank you so much for the message
and i hope you have a great christmas and new year
xxxx luv steve and family
hey mariaaaaaaaaa wishing u and ur family a merry christmas n a happy new year hope its a good one stay sweet love ya sis xxxxxxx
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
happy x-mass hun for you and your familly,all the best!
i wish you you a Merry Xmas and happy new year..

Kiss and hug to all your!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
merry christmas and a happy new year to u hunni xxxx
Hope you and your Family have a wonderful Thanksgiving....
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! xxx
hey hun glad we still talking after all these yrs ur still my fav td 1 of them that is rofl love ya hun koke
U stil have this pic :-)

OMG dolphie u da sweetest thing that has ever rolled up into OB, your funny your sweet. Im so gonna kick ur hiney in bg, you think you all that in bg well let me tell you sumtin missy, im better hahahahahah
love you bunches
hey my little dolphin lol
hey maria omg ur pics on here are sooooo cute omg u crack me up hun lmaooooo u always make me laugh u and pat both lmao sooooooooooooooooo glad we are such great friends hun n cant wait to meet u n pat n julie omg we will have a blast i love ya hun ur such a awesome td lol and sweet one too lmaoooooooooooo anyways ty for being there for me when im down n making me laugh love ya hun
Hellooooo buckwheat,
Yes i have a blast playing you and taking all your points hahahah
Love ya to girly, I look forward to whipping ur buttocks again rofl.
much love to ya hun xoxoxox
love my Dolph!!
merry christmas hun and happy new year luv ya loads ur an angel xxxxxx
I wish you and your family a Merry Chirstmas,Happy New Year.I hope you have a good xmas sissy.

hugsssssssss xxxxxxxxx

hi dear have a very merry christmas with your family and very safe and happy new year
Hi Maria,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXXXX Marco.
Happy Holidays hunny! I hope the season brings you a ton of love and laughter and cherished memories with friends and family! xoxoxo
hey maria just wanted to let u know ur such a sweetie n i love u ty for being my friend u have always been there for me no matter what kind of day i was having i love u n pat n the kids someday we will have to met n have a good time ur like a sister to me hun i will always love ya love ya hun
omg thx for the GB maria you crack me up GF so glad to have met ya also you tickle my funny bone weeeeeeeeeee you the greatest muuuuuuuaahhhhhhhhh
hey hun u are so sweet and so are ya kids u have a lovley family xx
hi there - very nice pics...something magic about those dices...lol

Enjoy your summer. hug from norway
your the bestest too maria we do have fun - but do you lick ur fingers lol
Oh my friend Dolph... What can I say besides thank-you for your friendship..... and most of all....

Te Amoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hiya dolph that last pick or the bottom right corner is so funny lol i got a fright lol bubbi xx ur a great td hun xx
Hey Maria Cute pics
Hey dolph hun!! Just wanted 2 say hello and love the pics nice. Loves ya hun!!!!
omg how can i x-press what you mean to so many...you're a blessing tyvm for being my friend...God Bless you n family...luv hun:)
im glad to have u as a friend thanks for all the tournies love yah hun
Hiya hun, Just wanted to stop by and say hey, I am glad we are good friends, I am glad I meet you on here, I hope you have a happy new year!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,
Happy New Year hun and u r a lovely Person and Td :p... luv ur pics xxx
hiya maria xx
cool profile xx
very merry christmas and i hope you have a very happy new year xx
ty for being a brilliant td xx
lots of love
Hiya Maria,
May all your dreams come true for Christmas, thanks for being an awesome TD. Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Best wishes for the upcoming New Year!!!!!! Hugs Anna
maria i wish you a very merry christmas hun
loves grannyandrea
hey maria ty for being my friend through the good times n bad times i had ur one special person to me and ur family is soooo cute hun ur also a awesome td keep up the good work hun ur like a sister to me i hope we stay friends forever hun i love u love sweetlisa
maria ,heyyyyyyyy ur a awesome,sweet person.........and a great td and tys for all ur help you have given me ........... so glad i met u except when we play a bg game lol ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, moody (alison)
Hello sweet maria.. love ur pics hun and luv ya tc xxxxxx
hey maria lovely profile georgous kids ur a great freind a fab td and we all loves u :P:P
hi maria you are a great td hun an you have lovely kids love you hunny i hope you will stay on ob for a long long time wish you all the best hun grannyandrea
Thanks for the add Maria. Cute kids, love those curls in your little girls hair. Great profile. Take care
hiya hun just thot id pop in say hello :)
Aww you are a such a lovely person Maria and thank you so much for making me feel welcome here ;) Love all your pic's too muahhhhhhhh
You are such a nice and sweet person Maria.. I am reallyy glad i met ya.. luv ya laods and wish u all the best in life hun xxxxxxx
Hey Maria just wanted to stop in a say Hi and say how sweet and helpful you are. Thanks for helping a new td out. and love your pics they are awesome
maria ur such a sweet person i love ya like a sister hun ur have always been there for me ur a great person keep up the good work ur doing as a td we have alot of fun together i hope u will always be there for me hun n i will always be here for u no matter what i love ya hun just remember that if u need anything just yell at me lol love ya sweetie
hug and kiss from chile , for you and your family..

heya maria...ty for all the good things u do...ur a great friend and an awesime td...keep up the good work...glad linda and i had the chance to meet u on here...dont regret a minute of it...(((hugs))))
Maria you have been a really great friend.....Seen I have came to OB.... I am so glad that I meet you on here.....
ur such a very classy lady n friends to many ...am so glad to have met you...what a blessing u r to all :)
Thanks for all the tourneys you host, your such a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for being my friend. Love your profile, its cute.
hey girl!!!
Maria Maria
She reminds me of a west side story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
She's living the life just like a movie star
Maria Maria
She fell in love in East L.A.
To the sounds of the guitar, yeah, yeah
Played by Carlos Santana

hey hun, very cute profile! (P) We should play bg sometime soon so I can win (p) lol I can keep wishing :P
Dolph hun ur very pretty n nice lady :) i like u.........
Mariaaaaaaaaa hiya hun tyvm for all those bg you so happily got from me pmsl

i just wanted to say you are really sweet and that gimme a whiper anytime u want to take my points lol


p.s. somday i will make that sign bout bg come false :p till then :p
Oki when i see your profile in the first time i said:
she must be sweet!!!!
And now that i know you, YOU ARE!!!! P:P:P
Keep the fun hunni!!!!
you are great :D
maria maria hi hi hi how is you hehehe your one of my bestest friends and hope to stay that way forever......your a great TD also
You are a great person hun.. and you have a wonderful family .. God bless you all.. Thank you very much hun for all the games and trnys.. luv u hun tc xxxxxxxxx
aww hun...u are an inspiration to me....my son was born deaf...but it was rectified by surgery.....and all 'those' feelings i had at the time make me realise when i meet someone like you that it wouldve made no difference to how much i loved him or how much he could still achieve. you and skull are amazing ppl and i luv u to death bcos u have strength i could only hope to have.