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Username:dee, 44 years
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I play mostly:Painted Yatzy - played 10173 times
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Be Kind :)
well dee we have rain rain and more rain but i got plenty of strawberrys if you want to share with me yummy :)
oi minger is it cold there yet i'll put the heating on for ya ok lol
Hi Dee how are you long time no chat. This is Leanna from along time ago.
Deeeeeeeee :D :))))
Hey Dee, I am back on intl, how is it going?
Merry Christmas Dee have a good one hun...Happy Birthday also xxx
merry christmas Dee and hope you have a great birthday xxx mwah
Ty Dee Merry Christmas enjoy waimo but dont drink the water lol have gr8 day xxx
Happy New Year Dee!!!
Wishing you and your Family a very Merry Christmas and a Very safe and Happy New Years... Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday !!!! Tina
Hi Dee Wishing You A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 ;>) xxx
Awwww soooo cuteeeee ...lol and tiny ..bet you can't wait to see him :)
Damn girl that is some scary chit!!! I cannot imagine going thru that, i see why u was scared to death. I am glad that you are ok though!
Hope all is going good with the man, glad to see you very happy, you deserve it!! luv ya girl xoxoxo
Hiya Dee <3
I miss u heaps :( How are you?????
Hugs from Stine
Happy Easter :D <3
HI deeeeeeeeeeeeee .. figured its time to leave a few of these. Looks like none since Christmas thats way toooo long .. Keep chatting gurly..I hardly see u chat.. Be good..Hope all is well..Muahs
Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year
Hey dee, I wish you a merry xmas and happy new year. Oh and happy birthday also :P
hey dee wanted to wish u n urs a merry christmas n a happy new year n ty for being my friend love ya xxxxxxxxxxx
~Hey Dee...Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!! xoxo~Sommer
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
wow deeeeeeeeee i just now seen these pictures.. Hope you continue to be happy in all that you do..Muahs
thx for the add hunni :) xxx
cool photos dee..he is a handsome fella ah..and she is just sooooo cute..hope all goes well for you guys and remeber i just want to be a flower girl...lmao
so sorry we could not finish the game of ludo hope to play you again take care Kate.xx
hey buddy it just me lol i wanted to tell yoiu that you are a awesome person and i'm d=so glad for you finding you a man i'm glad you are happy and i hope it last forever for you ok buddy you have a good one
Love ya girl!!!!!
Who is that guy and little girl in your pictures ??
vooy vooy long time no see on norway ob so i have started playing here,.,.hope to PUNISH you in BG sonn Deborah !!
Satyr..x-tullingen ;)
always a joy to have ya in here hun.xoxoxoxoxoxo ann
Weeeeee That is the sexiest hat on OB! lol
Love ya girl and life here on OB wouldnt be the same without ya!
Dee i just wanted to say how good a friend you are to me you are a very sweet and careing person, and i just want to say thx you for all the good games we had and the many to come and stay sweet lol. And also i really enjoy the talks we have and if there is anything ican ever do for you let me know you ole buddy KoJack,,
Wishing you a Happy Easter huni, thinking of you, lots of love, tricky xx
You very welcome, hun thanks very much as well...luv ya hun (10)
Hey sis, I am soo glad we got to meet you and that you are like our family. Love your pics very cute, love ya lots hun xoxoxo
Hi hun merry Xmas to you, hope its a good one hun love always...linda xxxx
Hey Dee Lite Ful. Your a great person and Want you to have a very happy New Year! I know times are tough but with faith, you will get through it all. Your a good human being and a very strong lady. Thanks for everything you have ever done in the last few years for me, with me, thanks for being a great friend. God bless you .
thanks dee hope your day isnt too lonely wifout us but i guess you and fluffy can have a special lucnch..merry xmas and happy birthday.
ty hunnie ..........Merry Christmas and a wonderful birthday to you too my twin sistah from overseas...... Hope the new year will bring you love, happiness, good fortune and above all a good health.

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Merry Christmassss and a very Hppy New Year hope u have a good one u a lovley person also hun glad u are my friend luv ya xx
Who loves ya baby??? lol You rock ee and im so happy i got a chance to get to know ya! Wouldn't be the same here withyou girl! *hugs & smooches *
Hey dee u are a great person and funny with it hope u did that garden lmao x
hi dee, (stands) hi im an ob addict hahahaahahahaaa
love seeing you on the site hagd
awwww hun he is sooooo cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
sorry not on as often..buuuuuuuuuuuuut........I LUV YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
imma take that baby!!!
deeeee pretty main pic:)
wow cute baby!!!!!
deeeeeeeeeeeee hi!!! u need new pixxxxxxxxxxxx :P
hello there 8)
OMG OMG I was here in int looking for you the other day :( I havent really been on OB at all for ages.... kinda fed up :
miss ya heaps too =( love ya Dee
weeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 more days n my baby will be here with me...where she belongs :D
hi i just happen to see your profile hope to play u sometime . if u see me give me a yell i like spades and the yatzys
deeeeeee ur awesome girly i love u stay cool!!
still waitin for u to come to texas...n when u do..hope u bring gus cuz dixie needs some company..hopefully she wont eat gus
Heeeeyyy Dee ;D
Wut's up??? Long time no see.... heard u said to Renny to tell me to come here from time to time and say hi ;D So here I am =) Miss u n billie loads :'(
Deeeeeeeeeeeeee why dont u have pix of my neice Gus???
w00t w00t!!! wuttup bud!!?? hope ya know i LUV YA LOTS..n if u dunno that by now imma pimp slap ya!!
Love ya pics hun..very pretty young lady you are....Today being the 3rd of January is thankyou For Being My Friend Day"" he he it is.. really.. well it is now..Awsome girl you are.
Hiya dee..thanks for the writing..u been a good person to me for a very long time.appreciate it..keep living and loving good...be happy and strong...lubs ya amanda
happy birthday hun
hope all your wishes come true today
love foxy xxxx
Hey ya hun... sorry i keep missing you in Lobby.. I wish you a very merry xams and wonderful new year and yes it is gonna be great catching up with you hun.. see you in next few days. xxxxx Lyn
hey dee dee da da dum lol
merry christmas
love ya da foxy mama xxx mwah lmao
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dee!!!!!!
Hi Dee ..good to see you again hun after me being absent for so long. Hope to see you over xmas and we have a coffee..or something together..lol
wowwww...its almost 1 a.m. and u're still awake!!!
Deeeeee mah girl :D
wassapp down south??:D missed ya tons =/
Anyways i love u loads u know <3
hugs n kisses from tha trissmeister;P LA <3
psssssssssst...me , u , dixie n gus needa go rob a bank
awww my neice Gus is sooooo cute!!
weeeee u all special now!! u da bestest bud, bestest partner in crime, bestest nancy, n my bestest groupie lol...hugzzzzzzzzz n billie luv 2 ya always!!
HEY GIRLY. your very cool!! Stay that way.God bless..tc muahs
hey hun u are a gd friend n i love u so much for being there for me n i love to kick your ass in any games lol t.c hun xxxxxxxxxx scotty