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Username:bootz, 53 years
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Painted Yatzy

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Im Sabrina from California.

These are my gorgeous grandchildren.

Please remember to tell your loved ones you love them because even though they know it, it sure feels good to hear!

My precious grand babies. Eddie Remington, Gavin, Wylie and little "princess" Delia lol
first post in 5 years! yipeeee! your grandchild is soooo adorable.<3
OMG!! I only just saw this sweety...everytime I asked how you feeling...never knew how horrifying the attack was till I saw this.. May God Bless you hun for healing the pain emotionally and physically. Luv ya kisses lotz...
so sorry bootz...i truly hope u have a speedy redcovery...my prayers will be with you..
My sympathy and best wishes. I hope you heal soon and have a speedy recovery in therapy.
DEAR GOD bootzs i'm so sorry huni that is horrifyin i'm sick with this I hope to God your ok i've been gone long time but, still on my mind that day we talk big hugs huni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lov to you
ouch hope you get better much love ;osu;
Hi bootz, hope you get well soon :)
Im so sorry to hear about your dog bite sweeite ... glad to see you getting better now. luv ya huni

big hug kellie
Bootz.. i wish you a speedy recovery.... and will keep u in my prayers =)
Hi ya huni xx

Your such a lovely person. Your kids are beautiful xx

Chat soon huni

Luv Ya