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Profile for winnie0514

Love talking to you on facebook, but its not the same without you on here :( .
just wanted to say i miss you!
hey hun just wanted 2 say glad i met u and we're friends ty sweetie love ya koke
OMG girl...it was so much fun really seeing u...lmao....ur an awesome person I'm so glad I have you and we all have to get together again. Luv those pix...so cooooooooool:)

Luv ya hun,
Happy Mothers Day .....luv ya ans miss ya.....xxxxxxxxx
Awwww.....tysvm hun... I luvs u so much. I am the lucky one. We've got to get a ob togetherness soon. You're the bestest hun:)

Luv ya,
Awwww thank you sweetie. Love you so much your like a 2nd mother to me hunni. Mwah Mwah Mwah
Winnie :) I love you and Tara so much! It's amazing how people you've never met in person can have such a positive affect on your life...you are a beautiful person inside and out and I am so glad I met you :)

Love Sara

awww winnie thank you for your sweet words, i luvs you to, so glad we have become great friends. i am blessed to know someone as beautiful a person as you.

love dianne
winnie I am VERY sorry for your loss and your daughters loss.....I never know what to say but you and your family are in my prayers and god bless......HUGS!!!!
Winnie I was just reading your profile and looking at your pics.I am so sorry to hear about your loss hun. I will keep you and your family in my Prayers.xxxxx hun keep your head up
i am very sorry for your loss i know whats its like to lose someome at that age take care
My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family! my prayers are with you, but you still have the angel in your heart. Thinking of all of you in my prayers, God Bless you!!! he will get through it! Carol (sparrow26710
I am so sorry for your loss. I cant imagine how you get through losing a baby in the family. God will keep her safe, until you are all together again. I will keep you all in my prayers.
GOD bless you and your family lots of hugs and lots of tears with you big huggggggggggggg from vickie
hearts with you granny xo muaaaaaaaaaaa
I echo ilona, words fail me, talia was special, god is looking after her and you all too to gove you strength hun, love you much....you are so strong give tara all my love and strength too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am very sorry for your loss of your beatiful granddaughter. OMG made me cry all over again cuz I looked at little angel. You have my thought and my heart for your little angel and you and your family. Love ya winnie
awww the pics are just soooo lovely hon but made me cry all over again. love you hon, words fail at a time like this. xxxxxxx ilona
winnie hun im ss for the lose of ur granddaughter hun omg it just made me cry all day im ss i could not have been there for that sad time but i was with u in spirit hun hun u have my home number plzzzzzzzz hun call me n let me know how ur doing i feel soooooo bad but she is watching over u hun n smiling down at u im soooooooo glad i met u hun ur awesome glad we dont live far from eachother i love u hun hugs n kisses ur family is in my prayers n thughts hun love ya
Love and cherish our friendship winnie xxxxx
love ya hun. im ss for your lose. your pain is my pain. ANYTHING i can do plz ask.xoxoxoxoxoxox ann
love you hunni, i'm here if you ever need to talk hunni biggggggggg hugs for you
Lova ya today too...lmao :)
Yo, Hommie, Love ya :)
Winnie, my thoughts are with you and your family. xx
winnie it saden my heart when i heard the news of your family loss..just want you all to know you're all in my prayers...luv you hun. God Bless you all

winnie hun, words cannot express the heartbreak i feel for your whole family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers every moment of the day. God Bless you all



Winnie, i'mso sorry for your loss. It just breaks my heart. Just know that you and tara are in my thoughts and prayers. Birdy
winnie darling, you and your family are in my thoughts and heart every moment hon. May god watch over you all. Biggest hug ever to you hon. Ilona (Lucy) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am so very sorry for your lost of your Grandbaby my Prayers are with you & your Family May your Grandbaby rest in peace until you rejoin in Heaven..GodBless you all & peace be with ya.
Winnie,Tara....I'm so sorry for your loss.....God has plans for Talia,He will take her in his arms and protect her until you are once again reunited....Just know we have you in our prayes....love you all.......
im svs to hear about Talia. My thoughts and prayer are with you and Tara. Love you guys, and my heart is breaking I can not imagine the pain you both are going through. God bless you all and may god rest our lil angel Talia's soul. Plz give Tara a hug and kiss for me, as she can do the same for you from me. Plz give Talia a kiss for me to at the viewing:(. God bless :'( xoxoxoxo
she is adorable.....happy birthday and hope its a wonderful one...hugs my friend
cute baby , and old man gets the dog lol,,, very cute grandaughter , congrats
Congrats Grandma! She is beautiful! and Harmon is an adorable big brother. Love ya hun, doodle xoxo
too cute for words hun..dem grandbaies are the best ah!!
Omg I want her!! She is gorgeous!! Hope mother and baby are well, also, Gratz on you being a grandma!!

Lara xx
cute little babies , and hubby gets the dog lol . very nice looking little family you have there .
Awww Winnie she is gorgeous!!
Omg Winnie your granddaughter is sooooooooooo gorgeous hun i love her to bits. Hope Tara is ok hun. Omg im tearing up here she is so tiny hun. You are the best TD hun dont let anyone tell ya any different.

Hiya Winnie, U have beautiful grandkids, u are a very good person love having you as TD! Take care always
omg hunni he is georgous hope mummy bit better xoxoxxo
congrats to you and tara on that beautiful baby!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww baby is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute congrats grandma and tara :D xoxoxo
OMG Winnie your grandbaby is so adorable. So precious and beautiful. Congratulatons Winnie!! <3 You truley are blessed.

God Bless <3
Hey hun. . congrats she is acutie... ur a sweet person too. hugz tc and have fun xxxxxx
Awww winnie she is beautiful give my love to Tara and congrats to you both

Kara xx
Congratulations to you and your daughter & family. She's precious. Love the pictures especially the one of big brother kissing her.
Congrats winnie, gorgeous grand-daughter xxxx
cute puppies , your great td , keep up the good job !!
wow them puppies are just so breath taken I love animals you are blessed to have them..Takecare & GodBless
People who have a special love for animals generally have that same special love for people. No wonder you make such a wonderful host. Your grandson is cute as he can be and those puppies, oh my, they are adorable.
Thank you hun for helping to make OB a super fun place to be.
awwww puppies are so adorable!! So is Harmon.....ty for all you do...you are the best!!!! xoxoxo Sommer
you forgot one more name to add to your friendslist
that's petunia:D
hugsssssssss and kissesssssssssss
love ya
hi hun omg i didnt get a mention in ya friends lol but i know im 1 soooooo i should get over it lmao
Your dog is absoluty adorable!!! i love yorkies
Happy New year !!! Hope you and your family have a great coming year. ...BTW 199 friends...dangggg your popular lmao
merry x mas to you and your family and hope the new year brings good things your way
merry christmas to u and your family
Just stopping by to wish you and all of your loved ones a wonder Christmas and hooing all your wishes come true! (unless your wish is to beat me in bandit =P )
G'day winnie..hope 2009 is extra special for you..take care and have a fabulous xmas..xx
Merry Christmas Hunny! I hope this HolidaySeason brings you love, laughter and joy throughout the New Year! xoxoxo
Hi Winnie,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
XXXX Marco.
Love ya winnie
I love your gallery! So cute.
Awwwww Winnieeeeeee....I loves ya hun. I just wished we all lived closer...imgaine the trouble we could cause...lmao...I'm always here for you hun;) Luvs ya xoxoxo
aww thank you hun, your a really nice person, and i am glad we make you smile, we just come for fun. I hope we can be friends for a long time cause your a really nice person. luvs ya

OMG! What a cute, little rascal your grandson is :) Take care! Hug from Norway
OMG..THAT CHILD IS JUST SO FULL OF LIFE WINNIE...he is so beautiful and i bet he just the best thing since sliced bread..i know mine are as well..lovely and you are lovely winnie..your name is to me a very soothing loveable nam,e so it suits you to bits...love ya xxxxxand ty for great tournies..xxx
hi mom love you and ty for everything..... love you bunches
Hiya Winnie hu...great pics hun! Has been great being you frind hun I Lubs You!!:Tiggs
Winnieeeee I miss you where have you been? We need to talk! LMAO!
Winnie ..I love ya. You are a caring person who is giving it a shot to get something for everyone ..you are amazing. I pray it all comes together for you and I look forwad to all the photos of the event. God Bless you my friend ..
Winnie you know.. just when i thought i have seen it all... the Vegas thing has to be the greatest act of kindness i have ever seen one person do.. YOU ROCK chick.. your an awesome person for caring so much for everyone else.. :)
Cute doggy i have the same kind :)
Hi Winnie ... wishing you lots of luck getting the vegas conference off the ground, big effort, hugs Tricky
You are the bestest hun dont ever change.....loves yah hun xoxoxoxox
Winnieeeee U are the BEST EVER

LOVE xxxxxxxxx
winnie!!!!!!aka my other mom... yuh are the best!!!!! i love plying ludo n ptd with you im sooooooo glad i met you!!!!luvya amy
girl u crack me up ... you make me laugh when u whisper me for ludoooooooooo
Winnie..I love you to death..your always up for a game and always so happy.....I'm glad I found a fantastic lady like you ...love ya Mate .......AuntiAussie
You are such a Sweet Heart.. Thank You for the wonderFul Chat..
Its Been Very Nice to have Meet You! Enjoy your Very Cute Little Man you have there.

Thank You So Much!

aww how cute...you are a blast hon ty for joining my tourneys
You are so blessed with your family...and what a beautiful baby you have. It is a pleasure to know we are close neighbors, I live in Michigan. Enjoy your life to its fullest... PartyLady
ur a very lucky lady....can see u mean lotz to many @ home n here..what a sweet baby boy.. is a happy baby i see....is lucky to have u and u him...oh yeah goes same for hubby...:)
winnie the pooh bearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xo
Winnie i'm so glad I met you hun. What a beautiful baby boy...want to squeeze his little cheeks. Luv ya winnie:)
awwwe hun your the bestest ty for being mbf hun...xoxoxox
Winnie I'm so lucky to have met you. You are such a wonderful person and I love talking to you...You have a beautfitul grandbaby there. Lets kick some butt in ludo too:)
hi, me awesome ob lady friend and loyal tourney player, luvs ya loads me winnie!
Winnie (kiss)