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Username:jothegreek, 56 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 4 hours ago
I play mostly:Spades - played 21651 times
My homepage:www.facebook.com/jothegreek

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Just Jo (1)
wow jo. your a very lovely lady. what beautiful island. great ob gold cups to. i love chatting and playing games with you thank you. and your a great td. talk soon hun.
I really think your a Great Host since I been on here you answer my questions when I ask them.
Jooooooooo <3
holla at me
Happy Independence Day Jo...i just saw that on the scroll bar i9n lobby...it actually ment something to me cuz now i know someone from greece and i got to tell you happy in.....u know the rest...lol.........vicki
Hi Jo. That's a pretty pic of u. Is it possible to become friends without being a member?
Merry Xmas and happy new year to you and your family hun , lots of love Linda xxxx
Hey there Jo,
Just wanted to stop by and say how you made my day and for your lovely words they truely meant alot and I was touched..You truely are a genuine lovely person and I appreciate all your support over the years ...
Thank you sweetie for being you,
Your friend always Scarlet ;)
Eyes are as lovely as that island ;)
Happy New Year hun xxxx
Merry X-mas hun!
I wish you all the best for you and your familly!
Those two pictures of the Ocean are Gorgeous... I wish I was walking on the beach there... It must be in Greece... I would love to go there if I had the money....
Just dropped by to say hello, miss seeing around Love Memaw
Just stopping by hunni and dropping of some SUPA love! Sure do miss you so so so much. I pray all is well your way. Thank you for the email. Much love Jo. Love ya xoxoxoxo
JO i miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much :( i miss your smile. Hope all is well your way. Much love David James
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Just sending you some SUPA love your way! mmm mmmm mmmmmm xoxoxoxo David James
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!! xxxxx bambyeyes
gia sou glikia kala xristougenna wish you all the best hugz xxxxxxxx
Hi Me Jo,

I wish yoiu and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
Hi hun....HUGS!!!!!
Hi lovely Jo, Happy Easter hunni, save some chocolate for me too plz, lol. xxxxx
JO!!!! you cool as eggs hun, proper cool!!!c u soon hun xxx
Jo I love your profile, hun its as pretty there as I thought it was, the pictures are awesome, and you a good friend (hug)
Sorry I didn't know it was you birthday hun....
Happy Birthday (belated) Hope you had a nice one:-)
wuvs ya girly
Happy Independence Day sweet Jo...........love you.
Hi me Jo.................

Happy birthday my dear friend...........and many more to come in good health and happiness. Have fun today.

Love to have you as my friend....

happy birthday :)
Awesome pictures. Very beautiful there. You are such a great person. It is a pleasure to have met you. HAGD and TC hun. GL in all of your games.
jo you are so pretty hun
hey joooooo ur a awesome td and its so great getting to know you .......you are alot of fun stay sweet moodygranny (alison)
hahaha xioni e wraia den einai kai emeis etsi eimaste ntymenoi sta leuka :0)
geia sou.... Just wanna say hi.. you are such a sweet person.. thx for all the trnys :D
makia xxxxxxxxxxx
My dear OB friend,
Ty for you sweet wishes. I wish you and yr family a very happy, peaceful, healthy and above all loving 2008.

See u soon in the New Year
Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for having me as a friend. Swell.
Greetings from Holland.
Joooooooooooo ax auth h eikona apo thn Akropolh einai ola ta $$$$$ xarhka pou se gnwrisa (<3) kai kapoia stigmh tha matheis kai puzzle rofl rofl
hi my friend jo nice to see you have fun here
Wow! Must be great living in Greece so beautiful!