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Username:100%cutie, 35 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Backgammon - played 6076 times
My homepage:www.myspace.com/tiffjiffy

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Backgammon2593 / 31250
Ludo2061 / 17610
Painted Yatzy1813 / 1742606

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Hi it was time to change this so i just wanted to shout a word out to Mom2 n Bird MotherT N Doug u all r just something else n what a group (P) Playing Ludo is R game (st) . So If U want challenge just look us up. And want to say that U all R Very Good Friends to have N Thanks For beoing There When I Needed Someone Huggss To U all (h). And to all the others i have also..
heyyyyyyyy chickyyyyy whats up? love ya
Cutie is the GREATEST.... I just love you, your AWESOME.. even though your the most EVIL smurf i know.. and almost as evil as mom2 .. but i luv ya.. I am soooo glad we met.. Cant wait for the next 4 way.. so i can laugh so hard i pmsl.. oh yeah YOUR INVITED TO THE CLOSET ANY TIME !!!! .. even though you dont need an invitation... i gotta a pair of pink erm.. well i gotta present for ya :P
What a fitting name for you. You are one of the best things about this site. I love our 4 way ludos (you evil little smurf) and what a great friend you truly are. It just wouldn't be the same here if I hadn't of gotten to know. So heres to plenty more 4 ways and a friendship that never ends. Luvs ya girl!
Hey Cutie, your one of the best people I have met here. I am glad we are friends. I love you like a sister. I love our ludo games. You make me laugh so hard that I cry. When Im down you cheer me up with your craziness in our games. Love ya lots.
hey cutie ur a awesome td n a really good friend we do have alot of fun on here u always make me laugh no matter what ur very very pretty hun n awesome profile love ya lot hun keep up the awesome td work soon i will be joining u as a td :)
hey hun nice profile ur a great td :P
hey girl - we,ve had some fun time in ludo im sure theres more to come your awesome -great profile too
Hi Cutie,
I like your profile :)
You do a great job as a TD and you're real cute too!!!
Thanks for all the time you give to make bandits happy. :)
love what uve done to profile hun ur a great td n a close friend to moe always. hugs n kisses keep up the good work darlin.
ur close friend til the end
love what uve done with profile. you are a very good n special friend to me and always wil be hugs n kisses darlin

your close friend til the end
awww that is so sweet and ur a very pretty girl too luv ya bunches
hey hun, glad to see you finally got profile features =) Very nice pics; you're beautiful. Nice profile too, love it =) Take care & thx for being a good friend always! <3 Angel
nice pics :)