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Username:baldrikke, 46 years
Member since:
Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Chitris - played 10426 times
My homepage:www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VwM9vX_1a0

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Loser against dalejr88
Tour loser against dalejr88
Winner against MaryML46514
Tour winner against MaryML46514
Loser against happy_gaming
Tour loser against happy_gaming
Loser against mehdi
Loser against mehdi
Loser against ShakeMupGood
Tour loser against ShakeMupGood
Winner against OHwhocares
Tour winner against OHwhocares
Tour winner against *******
Winner against happy_gaming
Loser against happy_gaming
Winner against Roses_Are_Red
Winner against Roses_Are_Red
Loser against fortunateone
Loser against fortunateone

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Painted Yatzy
8Capital F
Painted Yatzy

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Chitris6392 / 4022111
Spades1483 / 38990
Bandit Racing1253 / 16650

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Freaks need love too.

And (23)

I am just me, myself and a few others (1)

Irony is a thingy like goldy and bronzy


Glee - Imagine (44)

Permission to speak...?
Hello Balders :D
It keeps growing..
oh my.... seven!!!
wow last six gb entries are mine...
Messy xmas Baldrikka ;)
hmmm i just came online right after you left :(
hmmm what about myself, im from the 70s :p
Want some 2011 cocoa-flavored milk?
Happy valentines day <3 :P
I'm most probably the first one who wishes you a merry christmas in june.... Merry Christmas!
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Fantasic New Year in 2010
hmmm lovely pic that is lol always fun to play u in chit win or lose :-)
hope u have a great christmas
hugs Dee :-)
"Hvorfor gå på gjengrodde stier, når jeg kan gi deg en vei?" KYSS & KRAM
Søtt bilde :D

" en stor kuk är en klen tröst i en fattig familj." så sant så sant :)
Ty for all the fun chitris games....always tough competition and I have a blast ! :)
Håller med klokheten som skrivit om renheten i en denna röst, i denna text!
Det är en underbar härlig svensk klassiker och det är ljuvligt att lätt kunna hitta den så i cyber-världen. Kram på er Alla
jo jag har den klena trøsten i min fattigdom :-)
hvor er du nå da,.,.når eg vil snakke med deg ,.,.???ARRRG
Tulllrikka Satyll without Miss.Freetex is just Tascet's in a Basket!
Vooi vooii my Lovely Freaky Aunt trixirixa !!!
Hallooooo, it is me, Clumpfoot. You're so much fun Baldrikke. Ty for being my amigo.
We are having so much fun with the racing, thanks for making us play lmao Your a fun person xoxoxo
wee got the glasses . who is the winner now ,ah? lmao u are winner too .
you are such a good racer baldrikkey.
Like me . I like to race too... :)
OnlineBandits on my screen -
What will it be for Halloween?
Will you be Tricky? Ugly? Mean?
Or give me victory so sweet -
In every tournament, a treat?

~ lilleTG