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Username:charmed1, 52 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 1038 times
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I would like to thank all of you here at ob for making me feel so welcome to come here every day(h) I would like to thank those who make me laugh every day I love you all so much Icenz who is my little prince he is such a great kid, and it was very nice to meet his mother huntly, baokie your the bomb baby, cutie you are a wonderful lady glad to know you, Ashley for being there for me and ty so very much for, well you know... grneyedangel for always being there you Rock hun,and to my girl friend SHAZBO for being the friend that you are and for thinking of me and my family ty hunni i love ya, cenika ty for opeing my eyes the other day in a chat (rem) ty hun,Bigbear for being so kind to me(Kellie is a lucky women to have such a great man at her side i wish you all the best in the years to come), Ruthrichards for being there for me n given me some guidence and strength ty sweetie, and Noreeen for being my imsperation and for listening to me babble alot lol..., anna banana for being the nut she is ha ha and being a wonderful girl to me also, also racing lady for being there when i needed to talk..... and for all the td's for putting up with me asking all the dumb ? about tourny's all the time like(this is reg right?) lmao you know what i'm talking about lmao...ozzette your my girl always, foxxxy you know when to make me laugh ty for that my gf.... fancyme my gf glad we met, paul on line for always making me smile(p)and for being my darling...and to all my other bandit friends love ya...I cant forget my girl cuddlsdoll your blessing have helped me so much hun ty for them I'm so happy to be part of a great online family...who knows maybe we will cross paths once in our lives here's hoping(su) I love you all very much and God Bless each and every one of you..... Love Charmed (dee)oh yea lets not forget!!!(p)*Ice Is King*