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Username:satin, 50 years
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I am from the state of Wyoming, USA, am married, and am the mother of three wonderful (most of the time atleast) children...girls ages 20 and 9 and a son who is 16. Our first grandbaby was born on June 14, 2008. This baby came into our world and swept his grampa and i off of our feet. The smiles he has for us will always mean more than he will ever know. Baby Jayden you ROCK!! He is truly my little "chunk monk"!! When I joined CM and saw someone refer to their grandson as their grandPRINCE I could fully relate to that feeling...cause mine surely must be royalty as special as he is!! I am also a child care provider, licensed to care for 10. If that isnt enough insanity (just kidding) we are a foster family as well. We were blessed to have fostered a set of twins for 12.5 months...what a year that was. These little people are AMAZING and to be able to watch them grow and develop as much as they did in our care was so rewarding. And to have buiilt the bond with them that we did was worth everything. We will always cherish our time with them and they will have a forever place in our hearts. I used to say that we were foster parents but I learned quickly that it is the whole family that takes part not just the parents. So to say children should be my middle name is an understatement...I truly live my life for children.

Click on my homepage above to vote for a pic of our "puppy"...PLEASE (2)

I love OB and want to thank everyone who has helped make this a cozy hangout for me...And to the friends I have made here...(ey) (h) u!!

See you soon in the lobby or in a yatzy game!

In memory of Crisp lets all look forward to some great games!!
Aww huni your gonna be a granny xx im so happy for you xx i wish you and your family lots of love and happieness xxxxx

kellie & shaun