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Username:sweet girl, 31 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 
I play mostly:Chitris - played 2127 times
My homepage:www.facebook.com/oriyanos

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Profile for sweet girl

Helloo everyone!
My name's oriyan im 25 years old from israel :)
been a bandit since i was like 12 or 13... made awesome friends practicaly grew up in this website and so happy about it!
love you all
be good, play games :)
hehe how the time is running...

Hi... 25? omg.. life run fast!



PD: i always remember when i meet you and i ask where are you from?, did you remember what you answer?
hey sweet.. hows life treatin u? ... you shld be outa the army in a few weeks yea?.. lookn forward to it??.. write bak =]
blahhh... i miss u =[ x
hey sweety i'm egyptian but i love the israel girls they r looking sweet and cute like u i hope to b friends if u r online my msn is poky_sweet_love@hotmail.com ... i hope to c u there
c yaa .......
Hey Army Girl!!! I really miss you so much. I bet alot of users in OB and TDs of course VIPs MISS YOU! Hope you are doing great. yeah I know you are doing great tho but you are the great person, sweet, fun, always get me help you in bg by watching you and cheer for ya LMAO!!! Love ya sis! Take good care hear me? ok! LoL!!

Love and huggss,
Maria aka XXDolphM1XX
Ani Beshok!!!
U look great!!!
I love you and miss ya!!!
Gosh do I miss you! I hope each day that you are well and still just a smiling! Love ya a ton girl! *smooches*
companyyyyyyyy hold!!! :) hi sweet girl, hope you're having a good time in mili.. hugs from me
Hi my little friend,my god you have grown up who told you that you could do that.You didn't ask me if you could so I am upset.But hey I love ya anyways kid or grown young lady your still our sweet girl .hugssss your old friend Vv
mm... welcome back =P
keep safe and keep your head downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn xo ozzy
Damn you're sexy ;)
hiya xx
merry xmas and a happy new year
xx xxstaceyxx xx
i wish you a very merry christmas hun an a happy new year
loves grannyandrea
=] hay u .. come onlin we gotta talk .. sounds serious huh haha x
Hello Oriyan,
Just wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!! Take care hun! Hugs Anna
heyyy Sweet (orijan),i wish to u success in place of military service i like you.i miss you mucxxx
hiya hun ty for being my friend and i love u so very much going to miss u hun u have my home address plz write to me when u can i will write back i promise ur such a sweet person n a funny one too lol but plz be careful going to miss u hun love ya always lisa
oriyan!! i miss uuu!! *pouts* haha mwah
Hey Oriyan! I hope I spelled the name right lol... umm you seem a really nice girl, always nice to play against you. Get your graphics adapter in order so I can beat you in Racing :P BTW you rule in shitris and puzzle haha okie that was all I wanted to say for now :P Take Care and Stay RAWK, peace.... oh and nice profile me likey :D
Hey Oriyan! Such a beautiful name for a beautiful young lady! Thanks for being such a great host, you're the sweetest! *winx*
Hiya hun....just a quick note to let u know ur doing a great job as TD...keep up the good work and tourneys lol...
4kids4us (Sheree)
Hugz Ori!! You are the best!! Luv ya to pieces!
(((((Sweet Girl))))) U rock! Love ya girl!
Congrats on being a TD!!!!!You do a great job!!!!

ok i signed yours now you have to sign mine hehe your a great friend and a great TD keep up the good work
Hey hun! I did not know you are becoming TD. Well, you did a great job! :) I never forget you always love to be sub into BG double elimination...lmao. You are great and fun person. Keep it up being TD!! ;)

Love and Huggss,
Maria aka XXDolphM1XX
a poem for the CUTEST goddess *cough*haha .. in ob =P

I <3 U completely with all my soul..
Im nothing without you, a butterless roll..
Please forgive me for the times, that i played with your doll..
In your words completely "im an immature troll"
I continuously dance wid u.. sadly, with no pole.. (HAH!)
I dont blame you for comparing me, to a brown hairless mole...
The days without u sweet, all take their toll
I am nothing without you.. an empty fruit-salad bowl...


(haha dang thats alot tolls.. u owe me !!)

much love!

hey homie u are sweet as can be hope you have a great 18th birthday roho
Happy Birthday my love!!!!
Now i can tell u bad story!!!
i have a lot...
and now u can come to party here...lmao
Mazal - Tov
Happy Bday dear.. woow 18 years old... Feliz Cumpleaños Ori, all the life is there for you now.. i wish the best today and allways!
hey sweet!!!
wanted to wish you "shana tova" lol..
happy new year for us :p
love ya
have a great year and enjoy this time...
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hi ya sweet girls looking good kid se ya around
wow what a hot bunny! is that you? didn't know you had fur hehe jk... you look great, beautiful :)
Hot just found a new definition …wow very nice pics, makes a man’s toes wiggle…lol…always nice to see you!!! X
Hot friggin pix!
your sexy have fun osu
hmmm so much to say,,, and yet i cant think of 1 thing =D !! just lettn u know i enjoy being the mature one of our pair and as the duty of a BIG brother i will always be there in your time of need muahahaha (and yea it was 1's down X-)

Hi Ya Sweet Girl :) just wanted to tell you hello and thanks for being a friend you rock girl keep being yourself BRAT :) love allways MR_Mod AKA Ludo_Champ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Heyyyyyyy sweet!!!
I love all your pic!!!
you are great girl!!!
Love ya
and happy you here with us!!!
love ya xxxx
It`s a pleasure to have a friend like you, it`s so wonderful to have met you, there are days gone by, we hardly talk, but when we talk, you make us laugh, we all think your a wonderful friend, and i hope we remain that way for life
always there if u need a chat,
take care and be good
Cool pictures..
Cu around hunni :D
take care
lol finally have profile features :D. was a pleasure to know ya :D .