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Username:blynatn, 35 years
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I play mostly:Backgammon - played 1719 times
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Profile for blynatn

Woohoooo & Weeeeeeee, and a big hello from me!

I am a blond, blue-eyed girl from Norway, with a great hubby and four wonderful kids. (44) There is only one way to describe myself; I'm incredibly charming behind my ear (2) Hehe...

Love playing games and talking nonsense. (7)

 I don't bite too hard either!  (20)

Have met some amazing people in here, a biiiig (44) to you all.
Thanks for the fun & games today! We showed them boys what we're made of, didn't we? LOL! We even scared wallace off, now that was funny! Take Care, see ya around!
Very nice meeting you natn!!! Thanks so much for playing!! Your a sweetie!!
hey , where u been ive missed those long easy winning streaks i had with you , and why dont no 1 leave u any messages and why why dont u give me 1 ??? come on guys write to this european newbie she loves the attention lol ..well shout me when ur back luv barry x
omg u have ears ??? well ren nice to meet you , and no need to thank me in teaching u the ways of ob , there is no charge . u chat well , joke ok u cry alot , and dance funny when u sneeze , your very loud when u surf but ren u play bg really badly lol and hehe , have fun and be good luv 1uk :-) x