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Profile for *Georgi*

owwwwwwwwwwwww look at how cute your dog is I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!
you are a very special person and a real gift for your friends , i wish there where more people like you in the world ... wish all the love and luck a person can have
Was just checking in to say HI ;)
sissy i want your doggie:)
yayyy ur music worked!!!
how clever are we :P
love madonna too!!!
you dont look sad to me :)
Happy Birthday hun..enjoy and hope you're day is wonderful and FABTASTIC :D xxxxxx
so beautiful girl wz a sweet heart <3
God bless U :*:*
OMG! Y'all gotta watch this.. lmaooo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3ROsVTKVDw&feature=fvwrel
you very welcome hun, Enjoy! :D
i want to tyvm again georgi i really apperciate it u r great
raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :oP
i like the 3rd picture the best looking very nice
Hey Geo!
Ues it does suck when people are dumb and who use you to be your friend the screw you over sucks dont it i know how you feel and im here for you and your an amazing person never change <3 ash and BTW Happy Easter!!(:
Hi Georgi I think you're the best! We all learn and grow in different ways and your profile speaks for itself. Some of us are misunderstood in life and if some of those people would take a moment they could see you have a beautiful soul and a wonderful personality! I am so glad to have met you... Snowbaby
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and a happy new year have a greta holiday! <3 ashy
HI Georgi :) i just want to say "weeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Thank you, Ashly hunni... U r A Sweetheart! Love u... <3
Happy Birthday!!<3 you girl -ashy
Today im Oficially Engaged! :D
LuV u Geo...u r 1 of ma best friends in here hun.........nice profile :)
Nice Profile, I enjoyed reading what you wrote!!! have a great day
well i'm fbi...busteddd...luv ya tyvm 4 being my friend xxx
Lady you are one of a kind! I love logging in and seeing you here; it means I'm gonna laugh a lot and have a better day. Thank you for making my days just that much brighter. *hug*
nice hair butterfly xo
lmao ozzy... maybe thats who i am??? hmmmm hugs ozzy
wow u look a lot like an iron blue butterfly i once knew haha
Happy New Year Boo!!!