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i am 46 yrs old and I have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters and a wonderful husband who i love very much. He is a superintendent in the coal mines . We live in West Virginia. I love to fish, deer hunt with a bow and a rifle and i love to go camping. I of course love to play OB in my spare time. This profile pic is an older pic of my oldest granddaughter. she will be 3 Aug 31st.
you still shootin deer
i luv punkin !
going hunting this year ?
cant talk anymore ?
what ever happened to the redneck momma punkin ?
the red neck mommaaaaaaaaaa
Congrats to her....she looks lovely..next is grandkids lol ..xo Tina
where are you and red neck gal i feel like kicking some red neck booty today xo oz
ah get your lead pic up there red neck yee haaaaa barn dance this weekend
naw im better looking. i have all my teeth and i dont do the skoal thing to make my cheeks look like a squirrel with an acorn in them rockon . oh by the way hows flippy the dolphin been. xo oz
trina kabina is youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. yes ill always be older then you. but better looking too and my neck will always be whiter haha . ps the w va game wardens called, told me your 50 deer over the state limit. youll be hearing from them soooooooon haha rockon from oz xo
yeah and your neck always be redder then mine too haha xo rockon trina kabina
happy b day punkin pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. have a mince meat pie on your b day red neck gallllllll. lots of candles in it. your what 84 now was it xo luv oz
WOW !! I love the new kitchen ! U lucky B ! I guess you deserve it :) Im so happy for you , and I love ya my punkin xoxo your lucky to have a good hubby, well wait cahange that he is LUCKY to have YOU .
just watched a movie about u punkin. called the deer i mean dog hunter. love those lil button bucks you call deer down there. xo oz
happy new yr punkin. gl hunting dogs i mean deer in 2010 luv ya u redneck xo ozzy
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
wtg punkin big game hunter 1rst deer i saw smaller then a bread box though haha rock on xo oz
Hope you and your Family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....
ah wow what a nice redneck profile easy on bambi bow hunter haha xo oz