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Username:spankee, 53 years
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Online status:Offline, last seen 4 days ago
I play mostly:Backgammon - played 20995 times
My homepage:www.youtube.com/user/Spankee1969?feature=mhee

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Pfffffffffttttttttt...... Click ready, PLEASE! And most important, GL. To me. tyvm. (3)



i would love too get the promise you would never change yourself . if you are here damn hon we all rolling from laughing , your sence of humor is so adorable that we almost gonna call you cute ! and im sure you dont wanne be called cutie :-p anyway i wish you lots of love , joy, friendship and health , you and your family !! anyway see you somewhere in a game to whoop your a.. :-) hugs and kisses
Spankeeeeee!! hehe hello spankeee i just had to leave you a comment to say i think your a awesome person and your extremely funny you have me in stitches on here when your on and were chatting i literally have tears from laughing im really glad to be able to call you my friend i have told everyone about you when off ob my mam goes to me biz will you ask her whats her name you cant keep saying spankeeee lmao but seriously your a wonderful friend and i hope that we will always be friends im happy to have met you on here anyway im rambling and i can see you there now eyes rolling thinking ok biz your going on now hahaha i shall leave you in peace for now! :P xx
love this pic spankee....u both looking so serene and happy! thanks for all u do ~ mialibi
I miss u<3
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
and im still looking, what u gonna do about it? hahaha my lil glo stick:)
Spankee I love that song. I can't believe you have it on your profile I love it.... You go sister. Plz don't whip my A$%S lol
haha love it:)
I loves ya spankee <3 you are one SAD kick azz woman , that is IT Grrrr you are making me hate sludo lmaooo nnlnn nnlnn I love a truly crazy soul, with lots of fight !! the only way to survive in a game or life is to FIGHT ! your way threw it and NEVER give up ! you always make any dark day a bright one , you little ray of sunshine u lmaoooo never stop being the little mess u are ! :) even if you have to be sad with the diceman
I loves ya Spankee <3 you are one SAD kick
Hi sweets.
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you have a wonderful day. First of all thank you for being you and thank you for being such a wonderful friend and always being there for me when needed. Our friendship means the world to me and I truely love you from the bottom of my heart.
what a brat you didnt put me up there. Oh well I guess I just have to mess with you a whole bunch more right?
Love Ya STANKEE hahahahaha
Omg im out of breath rofl
Thank you for our chats, thank you for just being you! You seem to make my worse day funny as hell:-) Always look forward to messin with you, now if u just get out my mind this would go a lot smoother:-) all tho by the way u prob knew what i was gonna type...
luv ya chicky muah xoxoxo
(>'.'<) Helloooooo Spankee.. Just came by to tell u I love U..
Thanks Spanks for puttin me in ur shoutouts... :) That's allotta tournies u've won there.. heh... think i could have a few of 'em? Yeah, 'course not, BYE! ;)
Miss ya unsure if i like this working gig cos dont c u anymore :- xxx
just a pickin and a grinnin:-) wow first on ya shout list wayyy cool. u host in ya fee time? tee hee and omg u can talk and talk, try breathing next time:-) xoxoxoxoxo
Leader of the troublemakers luvs ya chickie :D You're always a great scream, quick with wit and sarcasm but equally quick with warm fuzzy wishes... well almost as quick ;) buahahaaa. Love our laughs and am grateful for the times you've been there with advice or comfort. Thanks chickie x :D
Hiya spanky! Wow you are very talkive but I am enjoy your stories. I am glad that you are my friend as spanky like my little cat named is spanky. hehe! He is very wild and very good cat, like you lol. Keep it up great td like me and others too! :)

Crap woman you can talk!!!
Hiya hunni :D

Love the pics of you n alfalfa, you make a gorgeous couple! And your ramblings had me rofl.... just thought i'd mention though that Willy is not a Wanka.. he's a Wonka hahaa!

You're a great TD spankee and a great laugh too, I love chatting with you, you just crack me up everyday :D ty 4 being u xx
My favorite Rascal!!!!! What can I tell you but ty sooooo much for being such an awesome friend to me. There are countless days where your sense of humor cheers me up and I am so appreciative of all the fun we have. My only request, bring the rest of th rascals to come play more haha xoxo
u r a very dear friend hun stay jut the way u r n remember im here for ya
aaww ty for putting me in your profile! Good luck with being a td hun its very rewarding. You are doing great. Leah