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This page is dedicated to my true love Marty (mmunster) who is everything to me and so much more
                          I LOVE YOU BABE
 For all those times you stood by me..For all the truth that you made me see..For all the joy you brought to my life..For all the wrong that you made right..For every dream you made come true..For all the love I found in you I'll be forever thankful baby..You're the one who held me up Never let me fall..You're the one who saw me through it all..You are my strength when I am weak..You are my voice when I can not speak..You are my eyes when I can not see..You see the best there is in me..You Lift me up when I can not reach..You give me faith cause you believe..You give me wings and make me fly..You touch my hand I can touch the sky..You say no star is out of reach..You stand by me and I stand tall..I have your love I have it all...I'm grateful for each day you give me..You are always there for me, The tender wind that carries me.. A light in the dark shining your love into my life..Through the lies you were the truth My world is a better place because of you.. I'm everything I am Because you love me
You are such a great lady Fantasygrl
Wishing you all the happiness the
world has to bring for you, marty and
your kids xoxo
you are such a charm FantasyGrl
and I truly believe myself love is created
inside the heart not by touch or feel
Wishing you and marty both a happy
and fulfilled
long life together xoxox
To my sweet angel, i love you with all my heart and soul. Your the world to me and more. I will always be your man.
Marty xoxoxoxoxox
hey gf im ss about that mix up lmao but wanted u to know im glad u n i are friends u always make me laugh n wanted u to know how much i love ya and ur sooooooooooooo pretty lets always stay friends hun plz ur the bestttttttttttt love ya
hey fantasy loong time but your stillon my mind
poetry is a sore point but anyway hope youn maty are good and your kids had a great mholiday
Hey my best gf in the world LOVE ur profile dont let noone tell you that what you put at the bottom is wrong cause I can prove them wrong with Knisten and I....love ya gfffffff...cajun
hi sweety happy new year to you and MM love yur huny
Hey merry xmas and happy new years to you and your family your a cool person and good to see you put a pic on here looking good!
Hugs Dee :-)
hey gf...you are soo pretty ....thanks for being my gf...luv yas
hey sweety, love you more than words can ever say forever and ever no matter what anyone says
hey my best gf love it i am so glad to have a friend like you cause ur always here when i need to talk....love ya gf...love ur profile
Atta girl - hope some people are clever enough to understand the meaning of what you wrote - am so happy to be your friend

hey kiddo just dropping in look for afriend see you soon
I love you too sweety, forever and ever, my angel xxxxxxxxx
That's a lovely poem fantasy and it means even more coming from you, everyone loves you hun and never forget it. Hugs, trickstar :)
hiya fanta , just passing and thought id say hi or summit , its about time u had me as a friend but i realise u had 2 pluck the courage up 2 ask me 1st lol ..... well maybe 1 day u will ask 4 a game soo i can show u i dont bite . i hope u keep smilling and keep happy ,cus when u dont ..well ull be sad lol /// luv 1uk :-)
rock on fantasy girl. but dont forget to pay stevie van zandt his royalties