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You and I are connectedin a way that goes beyond romance,beyond friendship,beyond what we've ever had before.It has defied time, distance,and changes in ourselvesand in our lives.It has defied every explanation.Except one:Pure and simply, we're soul mates.I can't explain, I just feel it.It's there in the way my spirits liftwhenever we talk.The sound of your voice brings me home,in a way I can't explain.It's in the delight I feel, when we laughat exactly the same things.When I'm with you,it's like a tiny piece of the universeshifts into place.A place it's supposed to be,and all is right with the world.These things and so many more,have made me understandthat this is a once in a lifetime,forever connection.A connection that could only existbetween you and me.And deep in my soul,I know that our relationshipis a rare gift.One that brings usextraordinary happinessall through our lives.
I love you Sheila (Munstersfantasy), you are my soul mate and we are destined to be together forever.
you are my angel and i love you with all my heart  (10)
Happy Valentines my hot sexy devil...love you forever and always xoxoxox
Wanted 2 thank you my baby for being there with me during the surgery and after....even tho you werent with me physically u were in my heart and knew u were there holding my hand and telling me everything was goin be ok....love you my hot devil forever and always xoxoxox
Happy Birthday my hot Devil...love u with all my heart n soul xoxoxoxoxo
Ull always be my munster n ill forever be ur witch...love you babyxoxoxo
Wishing you and fantasyGrl72
all the best life has to offer you
Take care of her she is a great
catch and by the sounds of your
profile you are the best match.
Your and Fantasy's love is such
a great inspiration for everyone
who sees or hears you.
Congratulations to u both.
Marty i love you more then u will know...ur everythin 2 me n more...u been with me thru all the ups n dwns..no matter what ppl said u stood by me...i love you baby always n forever
Merry Christmas !!! hope u have a good one and a very Happy New Year !!
HI Mmunster,

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas.
Have fun and TC.
love you baby..always and forever yours