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Username:maryml46514, 58 years
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I am a mother of 3 a son whom we try to get on here but is to busy, and 2 girls swtgrl021485 and cherrystar2121. I have been blessed with a beautifl grandaughter from my son she is 6 and smart and funny. A grandson from swtgrl who is the 1st of my wonderful grandbabies he is sensitive, smart and does not like change then there is his little sister she reminds me so much of her mother when she was litte, inquisitive,and stubborn. Then there are cherrys two both small in stature but big in so many other ways, they are often quiet but that is only a cover to absorb everything trhat is going on around them. Then there is my wonderful husband Greg, in ever way i can imagine he is my soul mate, he took on being the father of two teenage children as if he was born to the job. He loves our grandchildren just as juch as i do and when all the kids and grandkids are gone he is on pins and needles til then are back under our roof.. I enjoy doing new things and learning. My grandmother once said that when a person stopped learning that persons time to live has ended. So for as long as i am capable of doing so i will learn anything and everything that i can.

Beautiful word Mary :)
hiya mummmmm love ya heaps, i want to wish u and ur family a wonderful christamas with lots of hapiness and laughter and of course a very safe and happy new year. T/c hun love ya... Anna