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lol hmmm horoscope said to "update my online profile " to really reflect me and catch the right person's eye....lol let's see what I catch.
Just got a call from my son, Little Erick's scans came back clean, and he is Cancer-FREE!  He is DONE with the chemo, and they will be removing his port. He will be re-checked every 3 months, but he doesn't have to see a dr. for the next 3 months!!
I just wanted to Thank You all for your prayers and continual support, it has meant so much to me.  Please keep him and his parents in your prayers, they really do help so much!!
Happy Birthday Little Erick!! (39)  (112) G-Ma LOVES  (44) you and is soooooo proud of you today!!
Just an update on Little Erick, he is starting chemo, yet again, on Wednesday, August 26. He will be going once a week every week, and then he will be doing an in patient stay every 3 weeks, which consists of him staying in the hospital for 3-5 days every 3 weeks for the next 6 months. He seemed to take his first treatment very well.  So basically he will be spending the most part of the next 6 months in the hospital. Please continue to keep him and his parents in your prayers. Thank you all again!!
If you take the time to read my profile, please take a moment to say a small prayer for my grandson.  On 8/13/09 Little Erick will be undergoing surgery to perform a biospy and remove as many of the tumors on his kidneys as possible. Following his surgery, he will be starting a 2nd, more intense round of chemo.  He is such a brave, strong little boy who isn't quite 2, but the power of Prayer is AMAZING!!(8) I have added a pic of him. Thank you all!!
Little Erick is in surgery, it's expected to last about 5 hours...thanks for all the prayers. You all have touched my heart. (44) Thanks!
Little Erick came thru surgery well, and was resting when I spoke with his parents last evening.  I'll update this in a bit when I talk to them.
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for all of the well wishes and prayers!!  (44) They SO work!! 
The doctors believe all of his tumors to be gone!!  You have no idea how amazing this is to us, as at one point they believed him to have had close to 30 tumors on both kidneys. They now believe both kidneys to be clear.
I just pray now for as painless a recovery as possible and continued strength for his parents, they are amazing as well.
I Will update as I can, THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!
Little Erick is recovering well and is on solid foods again, thank you all for asking.
 Little Erick is home and recovering well.
Ok...so I wonder where my summer travels will take me now? Hmmmmmmm.....Have I mentioned how much I miss St Maarten....or New Orleans? C'mon Bnu it's time hunni!
Ok sooooo New Orleans for our birthdays huh my Bnu?
Went and had dinner with Luvtmgraw and her hubby!!  I soooo L(8)VE them! Spent so much time talking that I totally forgot to get pics! (Imagine me talking that much? )That's ok,  just gives me an excuse to go see them again!! Thanks you 2, had a BLAST!!
Sighhhhh missing the Caribbean....If I click my heels 3 times and will I be there?
On 4/26/09 I cut my waist length hair for a fund raising benefit for Cancer.  I raised about $500 for Cancer and donated my hair to Locks for Love.  First time my hair has ever been this short in over 25 years lol
Ok the up side to this? It's kind of nice having shorter hair with the Summer here! 
Hi Jersey its me merlin do you rememnber me from games.com etc. i missed you add me on yahoo merlin3004tds my yahoo id
Love ya Jersey hope your grandson is still okay, prayers are with you and your family for him to stay recovered <3
hey jers prayers do work huh? i will love u forever and have added a special place in keith and my lives. sis 24/7 baby. mauwhhhhhhhhhhh ann
I hope you had fun. Haven't seen you so was wonder,,, and jelous hope you had lots of good times !! Vickie
im soooooooooooo glad u made it hunni.WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey hun I hope your have wonderful holidays and enjoy your time with family and friends. Muah!
I still wish you guys would wait until I could get back to new orleans we would have so much damn fun
OK gf, time is getting near New Orleans??? Looks like many are keeping up with our Baby Boy! Even when there are no updates. Prayer is the answer and has already done so much for Erick. You know he's always in my prayers. Love Ya Hunni!!
sounds like a tough lil man there! GOD BLESS HIM! keep on diggin buddy.xoxoxooxxooxoxoxo
G, My prayers go out to Erik and all those he holds dear.
You, your family and especially Erik are in my prayers! .
Aww..bless him, thoughts and prayers to and you family hun xxx
YOu don't know me and I just was viewing profiles.. I have 2 lil one's a 4 yr old and a 2yr old, and I will pray everyday for your lil grandson, and I will tell everyone I know to pray for him...
to My FAVORITE jersey girl !!! my thoughts and prayers go out to brave little erick and the rest of your family. I hope all goes well and he can get well soon :)
luvs that u got a great vacation u deserve it girl. love the pics ned more. GOD BLESS u for sharing your hair! awsome.xoxoxoxox ann
u can have some of my hair if ya want LOL...its all the way to my azz lmao!! Very Very nice thing you did..i should do the same ;)
Hey GF! Sooooooo many fun times together! Hope your trip was as wonderful as you are! Love to you always! Your the best.
hey jersey thought id say hello ....hello . i would offer u my hair but i shaved mine 4 charity 2 but i kinda prefered it lol . ur a fun woman but ur a lil toooo quiet lol , nice to have u as a friend though , dont 4 get to say hi when im around i dont bite much ! luv barry xxx