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Painted Yatzy

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My name is Elizabeth/Beth A.K.A. GaSwtPeach. I am 27 and married with 2 kids. Austin who is 9 years old and Rebeca who is 7 yrs old. We live in Rome, Georgia. I am friendly, outgoing and just fun to be around. If you wanna play just jump me anytime!! :)
Thanks girl!!! You know eeverything you said about us is sooo true!!! We are awesome and just no words can describe us!!! Weeeeeee.....I can't wait for you to come see us this summer!!! So excited!!! :) Love ya girl! Sistas forever!!
Yayyyyyyyy i get to write in your guest book nanana poopoo :P lmfao you know how many days ive been waiting to do this? like since i had 397 days for membership! now at this very moment i only have like uhmm 99 or 98 days lol jeeez im runnin out lmao ill get more lol omg aint this AWESOME i get to write in your guestbook an looks like im the first to do so hhehe.. your an awesome person "lizzy" oh look at that i guess your pro is right i do call you lizzy hahaha.. anyways yeah you an me is like peanutbutter an jelly.. mickeymouse an minnie! gum stuck on a shoe! a tictac on the wall! poohbear an piglet..donald an daisy lol like glue an paper WE stick like everything you kno why cause WE COOL like that..ehh WAIT A MIN..correction! CAUSE WE ARE AWESOME! ohhhh yeah! haha remember that girlie loll your bestie or wait uhmm your SISTA loves ya! :D xoxoxox :P :) ;)