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My name is Debbie & I'm from Southern Oregon.  Some of my hobbies include gardening, woodwork, and I love taking pictures (I'm seldom seen outside the house without my camera) . I have spent countless hours just standing in my backyard trying to capture the perfect lightning bolt as it streaks across the sky or sitting on the river bank or the beach waiting and watching for the perfect photo op.  Anyway, definitely an amature but still enjoy it very much.  I also make childrens growth charts (some examples in gallary if I can remember how to upload the photos).  The Growth Charts are another area that I'm definitely a beginner but its fun nonetheless and so far people seem to like them.  I get requests for them quite often and since each is custom made, it keeps me busy & out of trouble & thats always a good thing! If you know of anybody with young kids or expecting babies, it makes a great gift - get in touch with me and we can talk specifics.  I love making them and would be happy to make one for you too!

that is indedd some beauitful picturs of the lighning i love it
your not an amateur there beautiful pic's and guess what my Name is Debbie too LOL I lov's your animals especially the Kitty LOL who'd a thunk??? I am in Texas and i sure like it when we play.
those are beautiful pics of the lightening...im sure u could use them for something i think they are breath taking....:)
awesome pics of lightning bolts ur cat looks just like mine a keltic cat..have a great day:)
your pictures are stunning, and I don't even like lilghtning..lol you should have no problem finding a good home for your entire photo gallery. Thanks for sharing!
wow! nice pics!!
So lovelly pictures,hun! Well done!
Happy Holidays hun!
wow wow wow i would have love to be the one who took those pictures, we dont have the same kind of lightning in denmark under a thunderstorm- but i tryed to get one - but never had succes with that. and i love the cat pic too he/she is so cute - that include the dog with the "silly look what have i done now " take care
Awesome Pictures. Please keep taking them and posting them.