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Username:cookie007, 49 years
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R.I.P little Maggie May love you always (8)

hi(st) Im from Kentucky bday 2-10-69 wedd. anniversary 6-24-89 married and happy with that lol love to flirt but thats it i dont cyber so dont ask!! my baby is my dog maggie shes a little sweety she truely is a good friend you might laugh but all the dog lovers out there think about that isnt your dog a good friend to you they are truely little people :) love all my ob friends and those who dont know me yet are just friends waiting to happen any who arnt any more well you prob. need loved the most its ok sunbaby will love you she is a fruitcake and wont remember you dune her wrong lmaoooo poor thing she gets off her meds and goes looney lol lub u sun xoxoxoxo lmaooooo :P :P

lmao..cookie love ya girl..I see u still ain't right its ok..I'll be here to keep ya straight (as if ) lmao
Hey sissy can't wait to move over so we can do girls stuff like shoppinggggggg :)
she was a shih tzu bandif
this dog is which breed
My screen name use to be Redlobster yes...
Hmmmm you still dont wanna kiss me? I think your in denial! Sleep on it.. tell me yes tomorrow lmao :D xx
hey cookie just like to say you are a great friend n great admin keep up the good work hun hugs n kiss scotty