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I m from Israel but my roots are from Romania .I speak or understand some langueges like english french romanian hungarish russien and hebrew .I love clasic music,
sports, history, photografy and more. Also i like humor and to joke ,and i m happy w my wife +two sons +a daughter.I m 60
years old and i retired from Israely electrical comp. as an elec..engineer and now i have a bussines in food transport. My wife is a retired bank clerk and we almost every day visits the local country club for aerobic sports .I live in Nahariya a 50.000 peoples town in the north of Israel ,near Lebanon's border so i have seen and feel so many "katiusha" alerts and even bombards in all periods . My big son was wounded accidentaly five years ago,when was walking on the street by Hizbullah's bombs, very serious ,but now he s almost o.k. He works now as a driver in my actual bussines.
Hello is me Mabel please write back [ mabel_mustafa100@yahoo.com ] Thanks
Hello is me Mabel please write back [ mabel_mustafa100@yahoo.com ] Thanks