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My homepage:www.8p.com.br/musadofluminense/danipaivaa/perfil

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(8) Happy 2012 bandits(8)
(93) (8)Hello, my name is Danielle, I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. I'm hereto make new friends, chat and play, I'm in love with life, friends, family and cheer for Fluminense, my team of passion that is thecurrent Brazilian Champion of 2010. Love to all. (93) (8)  (93) (8)That this year we can dream, And believe, at heart, we can accomplish each of our dreams, That those dreams can be shared by good, And they have strength to turn old enemies into new real friends,(93) (8)
(93) (8) That this year might hold, And spread warmth and affection, This is not an act of a moment But the story of a lifetime.(93) (8)
(93) (8) That this year we can kiss And with eyes closed, touching the taste of soul We have time to feel all the beauty of life, And you know felt it in every single thing,(93) (8)
(93) (8) That this year we can smile, And infect everyone with a true joy Not needed major reasons for our smiles, Only the breeze of life, That this year we can sing, And say things of life, Than just music and lyrics, But they are songs and sentiments,(93) (8)
(93) (8) That this year we can thank And speak to God and all: "Thanks!" That this "all" are not only included friends, But also those who, in putting difficulties, gave us opportunities to be better.(93) (8)
 (93) (8) And so we begin another New Year, One day he is born, a first step, a long way A challenge, an opportunity and a thought: "What we are this year, All, Very Happy!"(93) (8)
what a beauty
linda.....u r soooooooo beautiful
what a girl