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I play mostly:Super Ludo - played 775 times
My homepage:nl.picmix.com/pic/noah-4963238

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Tour winner against debbie1ty
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Tour loser against debbie1ty
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Super Ludo
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Super Ludo378 / 3750
Ludo166 / 1760
Painted Yatzy64 / 50474

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I don't wake up with perfect hair.I don't mind eating Big Mac instead of a salad.I don't wear 50 pounds of make-up.I'd rather spend the day in sweatpants than skinny jeans.I love the comfort of  T-shirts. I don't get all the guys. I'm not popular but feels like it when i'm with my friends. I stick to sneakers instead of high heels. I ain't afraid to break a nail. I don't get always my way. I don't get everything i want. And i don't need a guy to tell me i'm beautiful.If you treat me with respect i do to. If you don't your loss not mine
Calling someone fat, won't make you skinnier. Calling someone ugly, won't make you prettier. Calling someone stupid, won't make you smarter. Calling someone a loner, won't make you more popular.humiliate someone, won't make you a better person
Iwould never judge someone hunni unless i was in their shoes and i know what am talking about. And your my best friend too hunni you can tell me everything i don't like gossip and i never would shame your trust and i love you to the moon and back xxxxx
You are my best friend in here hun and i wish we lived closer to each other because i don't have any friends here in real life, i can tell you anything that is on my mind, and you don't judge me. Love you hunny
Nothing i did could have change anything.And that being angry and blaming myself for not be able to control the past or the future is only going worse.If i keep thinking like this, i will only be re-inventing pain.
Heaven would tell me that it's just a little rain.
And it's not the rain that kills me, it's the pain of wanting to control the sun.