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Username:coastlover, 60 years
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I play mostly:Ludo - played 10104 times
My homepage:myspace.com/kath_au

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im a 59yr old mother of 5 beautiful children and a very proud grandmother of 7grandsons and 7 grand daughters .i have a beautiful and very close friend her name is sydluver. I have many favourite games i like to play
Merry Christmas to you and your family from mine and a Happy New Year!! You have been such a dear friend and I couldn't ask for better friends! God Bless xoxo Erica H
awwww you and your buudy scarlet r such lovely ladies enjoy my time here on ob with you to bratts. love to come over there 1 day and meet you all in person, fab time on skype esp when there is a rival aussie vs kiwi game on!! kiwi kiwi kiwi oi oi oi rofllll
Awww now what can I say about kat..
Well to be honest theres so so much I could say as she is one of a kind... The one friend who no matter what is there with you , the one who you know will always be there supporting you and believing in you... I love ya mate and no-one could ask for a friend than you, I truly am thankful for having you in my life ;)